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Monday, January 2, 2017

Dear Donald, My Resignation

OK, I have been an avid Donald Trump basher, since he beat up Vince McMahon on WWE and then scalped him in front of the "This is America's Stupid IQ" audience. And when Donald started campaigning and then won the hot-seat, well my bashing took on an all important role. But I also bashed out at Hillary, as neither was fit for duty in my judgment. But now I make amends, as I feel it is time for the olive branch truce and I hope this makes Donald smile, just once! THIS IS NOT A SURRENDER!

Dear Donald John Trump, 45th President of the United States;

As part of your 50-state challenge to "Make America Great Again", I offer the following "Must Ask" recommendation to meet that goal. I will be upfront, I did not vote for you, as I believed the "Swamp" drain was totally clogged by soiled Congressional diapers along with used political condoms and needed more than just a bottle of Drano. See, I could not cast a vote for the GOP, as I have been in an ongoing WAR with Alaska's delegation for about 7-years by now gone bye - and it is based on abuse NOT by government but upon MY government. Since you have already gone on record your dissatisfaction with inflated corporate egos that attack US when it comes to the military budget, this is right up your alley. And it involves cheaters and outside influence, from Canada. So you may consider a "Wall" that chases this nation's northern border, especially between Alaska and Toronto Dominion. See, many years ago the U.S. ARMY realized the possibility of major cost savings by "Privatization" of the military base utility infrastructure - water, sewer and electricity. So Alaska became part of the "Litmus Test" case, towards this "Privatization" goal. In Alaska, 3-major  bases of utmost military superiority importance went on the auctioneer's block, for interested business entities that could take over the utility infrastructure, maintain it and operate to the satisfaction of the brass. And save the U.S. Treasury $millions$ - a.k.a. operation Taxpayer "Northern Comfort". The ARMY did its homework this serious endeavor, crossed every "t" and dotted every "i" then subjected its recommendations before well renowned accounting firms - as a cross-check to make sure it was on-track with this interest - said again to save the U.S. Taxpayers some loot. It was calculated that the cost savings inherent were based on a bloated administrative cast, so a private entity could relieve the government of this unnecessary over-burden. Let's face it, how many office aides needed to order pizza and to handout the paychecks? See, maintenance and operations is a clear-cut expenditure. So by getting rid of the civil-servants that by this time in history had a pretty good handout, and at the same time cut the administrative would work. So Uncle Sam felt good about where it was going with this "Privatization" recommendation. In Alaska 12-separate utilities at Ft. Richardson, Ft. Wainwright and Ft. Greely went to auction. It was not a take-all proposition, as the intent was also to promote "competition". Some Fairbanks business owners saw the writing on the wall this offer, and set in motion a plan designed to hijack the intent - to NOT save money in efforts to make money. So was brewed up an entity called Doyon Utilities - a joint venture between the "white man's world" and an Alaskan Native Corporation. As you may not be aware being new to the "Beltway" way, the Alaskan Congressional delegation changed the laws way back when so that if an Alaskan Native entity wants something, they get it. Basically, they don't have to stand in line like the rest of us - it gives the back of the bus new meaning! But the Alaskan Natives are innocent how this venture has turned on the intent - as today it is all out abuse. See, Doyon Utilities was awarded a lucrative 50-year $5-billion dollar contract. IMAGINE, a 50-year signed, sealed and delivered deal? Wherein Uncle Sam is the provider! Of course the local Alaskan bankers were smiling, as the turn-over to a "Private" meant the recipient buying the infrastructure, so "real property" loans would mean $millions$ in interest payments - all calculated into the contract. So it was a done deal and everybody felt comfortable that even though "No Competition" - as all 12-utilties went to a single entity - well Uncle Sam was not concerned because this was all covered through a legally "binding contract". But soon into the award, Doyon's "white owners' side" started to place into motion its pre-hatched plan of attack to, well rob the U.S. Treasury. See, even though it was a "binding contract" between Doyon Utilities and the U.S. ARMY, by running to the Regulatory Commission of Alaska - the entity that regulates consumer prices for things like electricity - Doyon thought it could get an edge up on the ARMY. This was part of the plan - called 3rd party interference. Now who in hell asks for "Regulation" these days? But it was designed as a ways and means for an interference pattern of abuse. Early on, the RCA was reluctant to offer such oversight as it argued that there was but a single customer, the ARMY. So it didn't really fit into the "Regulatory Model". But with pressure, the RCA accepted the challenge. The ARMY was pissed, but let it slide because the brass realized that regardless, there was still a "binding contract" in effect. Needless to say, this was all taking place by behind the scenes undue influence most likely from Alaska's delegation - from the "No Competitive" bid award to the RCA involvement. All was good for the first year, as there was about that much time in the "honeymoon" and grace period. But then all hell broke loose, and today going into the 7-year itch stretch, it has been challenged as the longest running and most costly battle between a private "by American name only" Canadian corporation and the U.S. military. Because the abusers keep asking the regulators to allow it to charge Uncle Sam more money for the "contract", by using sick-ass excuse tactics like it only did a drive-by when it offered up a bid like it didn't have time to do the homework - "the dog ate it"! The ARMY has spent $millions$ defending itself, when in reality the brass have better things to do, like defend liberty over selfishness. And here is what is happening, as with a 50-year contract in effect, soon the ARMY will have spent all it can on this matter and retreat - as the crooks look at it as time on their side. If they can hold out for another few years and the ARMY says the hell with the "Turncoats", then the latter gets what it wants. Even if a small increase in the original contract, it means $millions$ lost by the U.S. Taxpayers and this "extra" lands in the wallets of a few "Turncoat" profiteers. And yes, soon into the contract deliverables the  "white owners' side" sold its interest to a Canadian venture, part of the plan, so $millions$ in revenue from Uncle Sam soon found a new home - in another country. The "white men" from Fairbanks made close to $50-million in profits, after a single year! And yes, this nation's military infrastructure now under ownership of a foreigner!  And to make matters worse off, even though the original bid stipulated using American owned banks for loans, so the interest bearing was basically re-invested into America, that was reneged. The "Privateer" - because of its now Canadian ties - it reached out to Toronto Dominion for its loans, which amounts to $millions$ over the course of the contract - sent outside our borders. Donald, we need another wall, just look North!!! To date, this abuse, this "Turncoat" affair has cost the U.S. ARMY not only time, but wasted resources defending its position, when a contract exists that calls it out the way it is supposed to be handled. But due the interference by Alaska's regulators, well it acts to make it appear as if the "Contract" is null and void. It was shrewd businessmen from Alaska that thought this out before hand and then used the Alaska delegation to make it work. So, I am asking you to personally look into this abusive matter that is costing the U.S. Taxpayers more then what was bargained for, by signing a proclamation that "voids" the relationship between the parties with the Regulatory Commission of Alaska. Also, a Cease and Desist" Executive Order proclamation that any revenues from this contract be so "fined" at 100% if it goes beyond our borders and that any loans affiliated with Toronto Dominion be revoked in favor of our sovereign territory institutions, as this case is a clear cut-case of selling out on America. I hope this is something your administration can get accomplished within the first 100-days. This is the only thing I have to ask of your presidency in "Making America Great Again". Thanks. S. Pam McGee

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