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Monday, March 20, 2017

Trump's Sun Block?

"The median income for a household in the city was $20,740, and the median income for a family was $27,109. Males had a median income of $20,245 versus $15,391 for females. The per capita income for the city was $13,114. About 21.5% of families and 28.7% of the population were below the poverty line, including 42.4% of those under age 18 and 18.1% of those age 65 or over."

The above sound familiar? It's a snap-shot of the economic well-being of rural America, sea to shining sea. Amazing, as the 1% club grows and "trust fund" babies never get their hands dirty making America strong, "We the People's" nation ripe with a population famished. Yes, and this population the origin whence came the mentality that voted in the ZDonald Tyrump, because many thought that Obama spent too much time playing golf? All things considered, soon to be a thing of the past with cuts to the Big Bird channel and Medicaid in the cross-hairs of a Congress that "Doesn't Give A Rat's Ass" about anything "Constitutional", what else is in store for the "ruralites"? Not so fast the gloom and doom of legislation to come that could make Trump supporters start rallying around Simple Simon things like - "He's a liar" and demanding "Castration"!  If this "Awful Office" guy without a clue...well he could be in the same category as feral hogs with respect to likability in the "outback". But that income statement above with the mind-boggling side effects, it is from Haskell Texas, so bears some significance to the "Tower Maggot's" energy policy or the effect it could have if things go unchecked. See, Haskell is the birth place and home of Rick Perry, seated as the 45th's Secretary of Energy and wherein feral hogs find night-vision a big bother. Yes, with the Tillerson "Hard Aground" mentality the Texas posse has invaded the White House alongside the Session Confederates. Wild west and slavery, what a menu! See, the Confederates will use the slaves to kill off the rustlers, then it will be USKKK and feral hogs will get their way. Sad, when all we heard from the famed Texas "Loud Horns" the past 8-years under Obama was "Succeeding from the UNION" as the Jade Helm experiment was encroaching and the "Loonie Star" state went into a "conspiracy" feeding frenzy. Look, Ted Cruz is a Box-store church slug like maggot of slime, most likely the fallout from being raped when a youngster by some religious clergy freak trusted by...sorry for going off course like the EXXON Valdez, back to energy and poverty - peas in a pod! Now the ex-Texas governor follows in that "Energy Boss" position in the footsteps of Steven Chu, PHD in Theoretical Physics and recipient of the Nobel Prize and then after Ernest Moniz, also a PHD in Physics and recipient of the Honoris Causa award. Perry, BS in Animal Science - a Veterinarian now in charge of gas hydrate research? I guess we can put a bunch of Fidos on treadmills and harness "electricity", and of course the "slaves" can clean up the feces! Now during the Obama terms of endearment, when the "Energy" policy was under Chu and Moniz, this nation realized great advancements in the energy jungle, especially in the "Renewables" sector - careful, cannot say that word out loud these days. But maybe "Renewables" still has a chance of a future under ZDonald Tyrump. Just outside of Haskell, a solar site generates enough power to electrify 65000 homes and today Texas is ahead of California in the arena of "renewable" power generation. Under Obama, new installations using solar have introduced over 42000000000-watts of "free energy" for the next 30-years and with current trends, that will "Triple" in the next 5-years. There came a lull in activity right after the election, but things are gearing up again and NOT a single iota about cutting the "Tax Credit Initiative" that sponsors this interest in clean energy. Why? Because the energy companies that are taking advantage of "tax write-downs" are "Conservative" minded both politically and economic wise. Honestly, maybe ZDonald doesn't know about this 30% tax initiative, either that he is taking advantage of it - illegally! Imagine being the IRS auditor reviewing the "Tower Maggot's" dysentery dynasty tax returns? If laughter is the best medicine...Look, if he was aware of this Obama age "Energyaid", just like the Medicaid it would be subject to annihilation. But I do believe that the silence is golden, as this venture is making money and lots of it for somebody. Now what it means for rural areas like Haskell, "jobs, jobs, jobs and more jobs". And in effort for the profiteers to enjoy Dom Perignon and the spouses to bath in Istinka Rump Eau De Parfum Pepe Le Pew, the infrastructure must be in place and that is wherein the good old American worker know how comes into play. So for well over 2-years just yesterday, Haskell has witnessed job opportunities that benefited Perry's birthplace and present hometown and after the construction crews left and the solar PV site went generating tied to the "grid", about a dozen full time jobs for the next 30-years - good paying jobs at that. For a small town like Haskell, that means 1% of the population will be gainfully employed for life well above the puberty line! During construction, for 2-years plus the solar work offset the "poverty"! And being close to the "grid" that which supplies air conditioning power to Ft. Worth, with the right investment incentives this area will grow in the solar. See, Haskell now has "qualified" solar construction workers. With the 5-year forecast, for the next 10-years Haskell could have a majority of its population living above the poverty level due more solar wage earning opportunities, off of Medicaid and learning a trade that could be used elsewhere. And with the permanent jobs that follow this energy source, Haskell should be this nation's "show & tell", and with Perry at the helm as the "Energy Boss", hey it is the litmus test. So this is something that Rick Perry should be preaching, as it helps his kind big time. And with displaced oil field workers now migrating to solar, to bring in qualified electricians and mechanics, maybe the tides have turned. But since the "Tower Maggot's" campaign trail "doom & gloom" is starting to become reality, the 58-handicap golfer doesn't like anything that cherishes an  "Uncle Sam Handout". So even though ZDonald wants to cut Meals-on-Wheels, which my WWII Veteran father relies upon when he is bedridden and cannot get to the market, well the "ITC" welfare has not even been mentioned as a do-away-with option under ZDonald's "Desolation Row" economic stimulus plan forward, as that would be a Jade Helm conspiracy and if a town like Haskell gets dumped into the cesspool, instead of a homecoming for Rick the gallows might come out for a dusting off. Two factions you don't mess with in Texas, the ruralites and the oil field workers, now both smiling at the sunrise, as it means work and the reason we have heard Boo diddly squatosis about cutting this solar incentive benefit that helps out the peon class - as in reality it is very generous to the wealthy class. They invest, we work, they party! Construction Jobs = 2.5-years start-to-finish. Investment Income = 30-years payback-play-time. What's in your "Trust Fund Baby" wallet? Yes, the rich are getting filthy rich on the U.S. Taxpayer's dime and time, who cares they can't take it with them so fabricate "Trusts" that allows for a home-grown kid to not ever get thy hands dirty - this nation is doomed and in time the meek shall inherit the Constitution once again, and that is when "America Great Again" has meaning. Today, MAGA is just "Fake" snooze, but maybe, just maybe this solar momentum will be out of reach from the groping claws of the "Tower Maggot" but like with the feral hogs...just in: Rex Tillerson in China to watch as the last remaining Beijing "Coal Powered" power plant is shutdown for good, to welcome in a new era of "Clean Breathing". There is HOPE, in solar, let's HOPE!

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