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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Statutory Free Speech Rape

Donald Trump's "Twitter" this past weekend may have helped a "Statutory Rapist" gain back a Constitutional freedom. A "registered sex offender for life" booked as a felon without the right to vote getting headline coverage assistance from the 45th, so the blitzkrieg media cannot equate this Trump goal as preferential tweetment for one of his lemming voters. The guy offered help is a "sex offending pervert", could have been a Hillary supporter, no different than Bill! So one could say this is a bipartisan move for Trump as this freedom clause helps any and all convicted "rapists". I guess the Trump mandate of "Making America Great Again" starts from the bottom up, with perverts - next the criminals and maybe one day "We the People" will have that judgment day. See, a pervert in North Carolina has challenged the High Court to challenge that state for violating his 1st Amendment Right - for not allowing him to sign up and use Facebook. In that Southern state a convicted "rapist" is forever banned from social media - as predatory sending is against the law. Now ZDonald Tyrump's 4am "enlarged prostate" rant-on rage about the Obama wiretapping was without any doubt "harmful" to this nation's sovereignty, as it promotes "stupidity" and that is letting down our guard. The "stupider" we look on the world stage with such outbursts the more vulnerable our freedoms. "Stupidity" is the worst of the worst of weaknesses!  And when it comes from the so-called "Chief", I am tired of smelling the swamp odor now the cesspool doo-doo on overflow. So alarmed over this "Obama" bashing and "illegitimacy" promulgated by the Tower Maggot's adamant attacks based on "fake" falsehood eavesdropping, I was ready to ask the United States Supreme Court to immediately consider intervening this concern, as it is of utmost "National" urgency. His outbursts are causing "Harm", no doubt about it and thus must be stopped. "We the People", through the inalienable rights bestowed upon us through the United States Constitution, enjoy and cherish the 1st Amendment Right - that of Free Speech. All states of the "Union" through a state's right of a sovereign "Constitution" provides the exercise of this right unabated, some states allowing for a restriction clause that the content of the "Free Speech" so protected is the responsibility of the deliverer for any undo harm. Basically speaking, we can say what we think, but please count to 10! I am from Alaska, one of the states that has such a "responsibility" clause: "Every person may freely speak, write, and publish on all subjects, being responsible for the abuse of that right". I believe that same "responsibility" clause is inherent in the wording of the U.S. Constitution, use the "right" but it should be free of harm to another - as without such self-regulated restrictions it tramples on those inalienable rights to be let alone. With the recent "Twitter" rage by U.S. President ZDonald John Tyrump with respect to the Obama administration's "eavesdropping" through wiretaps on the "Trump Tower", this right has been abused by the Commander-in-Chief. It is causing harm to this nation, and that is NOT an option. He finds immunity, but that right has challenges when the "immunity" clause is violated for no good! Yes, sometimes an action or inaction by a Commander-in-Chief may cause harm, but if the intent was not to cause harm then "immunity" rules. In the case of ZDonald John Tyrump, it is premeditated "Harm", it is "abuse"! The U.S. Congress remains silent this rage that reaches a global audience. It is dangerous, it is harmful. Yes, a sitting President should not come under fire his own right to "Free Speech". But at a minimum, "We the People" need a buffer that checks the content and context of ZDonald John Tyrump's "Twitter" before it is broadcast. This does not block the "Free Speech", just provides a time-out. What if he "Tweeted" this: @realDonaldTrump Sending nuky to Russia. Since he has the spelling Bee of a slug, that "Nuky" could mean destruction or defiling. So Vladimir would smile or duck! But with the current "opinion" being heard by the Supreme Court in Packingham vs. North Carolina, the pervert's legal team is using the ZDonald Tyrump "Twitter" as evidence to support allowing a "pervert" to...just what a Commander-in-Chief is all about these days - statutory rape! This is wherein the "Legitimacy" of the ZDonald Tyrump administration comes under scrutiny. By the 45th's rant-on rage outbursts under the auspices of the 1st Amendment, wherein anything goes, today it is being used to sway the High Court to allow a known "rapist" access to social media. And in my book, ZDonald John Tyrump is but a rapist in disguise as a U.S. President, and if that is not the definition of "Illegitimate" then I rest my case. He gets away with it and such misbehavior is setting precedence! With that, the realization that the American public went "Hoodwanked" by the Russian Federation and today Vladimir Putin is messing with the U.S. Constitution through the vulnerability of the U.S. Supreme Court - because we are all afraid so have become "Stupid"! Said again, the latter is our worst enemy and our enemy knows it and is using it against our sovereignty - as we are at WAR right here in the "Homeland" and don't even know it because with the Tyrump he thinks the raped love it!

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