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Monday, March 6, 2017

Dear Donald, Dear Donald

Dear Donald Trump;

Thanks. What for? See, it appears you have finally gained my attention to a "WIN" while you occupy that hot seat of the Oval Office, maybe it will mean the beginning of that "Streak"! See, your actions bring others to attention, like James Comey. And being the educated man he is as head of the FBI, his vocabulary is way beyond my word bank. So when he threw out that "Incredulous", I had no idea what it meant. In fact, a poll indicated that 35-million "Twitter" followers had no idea that word's definition and proper grammar usage, as that was how many "hits" were received on the definition search at Merriam-Webster. Imagine, in a single "Tweet" you provoked an English lesson many took advantage of - you did it, and in the real world that would have taken a whole mess of educators. Keep this up and maybe we can have teachers retire early. So, at least this day you can be considered an English teacher on your way to the top. Seems like a long way, teacher to President? Anyway, thanks again as today I can add that word to my "Bucket Bee". Keep up the good work, by getting people to respond to your early morning "enlarged prostate" got to "Twitter" so I can continue to increase my word skills. Can I send you an apple?

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