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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Teach, Your Children Well!

It is Simple Simon math, an understanding of how ZDonald Tyrump works through confrontation. Take Henry Murray's "Needs Assessment Push and Pull" criteria along with Ted Kaczynski's "Boundary Theory", we get a Vladimir Putin like character manically depressed and suffering from explosive diarrhea of the mouth - a.k.a. TWITTER! Honestly, if you want to know all about this "tick-tock the clock on the wall, no wonder we're losing time" Helter Skelter time domain of existence we are all stuck in, just study Harvard's Henry Murray! Then take Ted Kaczynski on quantum theory steroids, ZDonald Tyrump has NO Boundary! ZDonald Tyrump is a "hundred" Teds in one...ask yourself what that means for our kids future?

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