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Monday, March 6, 2017

Trump & Russian Roulette

During the 2016 Presidential campaign season, there were numerous sightings of private "rich man" jets following the Donald Trump entourage around the country. Like Con-Air, criminals in disguise as genuine businessmen. And many of the birds landing at runways under FAA control had tail numbers registered in Russia. It meant Vladimir's henchmen ARMY, attacking us by land and by sea and by air not to forget by server "hacking". And Trump's crazed following at the airports - because "I did it my way" - caused a "Security Breach" dereliction, as "private jets" get under the radar of scrutiny sometimes. Even though the FAA tracks each bird, identification is like an offshore account - unidentifiable at times with respect to the passenger cargo and on board contraband! Hey, how many Saudi jets escaped this nation's airspace following 911 during the grounding of "All Essential Aircraft"? And that was Vladimir's plan from the get go, "Chaos" which allows an infiltration for a reason. We have been under attack, are still under that same threat and we may soon get to kiss Democracy goodbye. OK, it is for sale! See, during the shuffle while our "National Security" agencies - like the FBI and CIA - were in overdrive trying to follow the Russian Federation trail of election corruption, well that allowed the Russian's to infiltrate with different strategies. They are good at such espionage, like a bone thrown to a puppy dog - and soon off in the wrong direction we were. The "hacking" was that bone, like chaff decoys, to fool us. And it is still fooling us today for a reason part of the plan of attack. With this intrusion that went under the radar, the Russian oligarchy mobilized and may have released modified RA-115 backpack detonators around the country. These "bombs" could have easily been transported aboard the Russian "Business" jets, wherein security detail and Homeland security at local airports fell under a "privatized" obligation. Most likely these detonators have been strategically deployed close to major metropolises - for the fear factor fallout. There has always come the scare of suitcase sized nuclear weapons being strategically located to take down this nation. A 1-kilotonne detonator could wipe out the United States Capitol and make the surrounding area a radioactive waste-land for the next 50-years. These suitcase sized portable weapons, under the "Mass Destruction" definition that which became the joke of the Bush dysentery dynasty, had been a threat during the cold war and a current concern that a "Terrorist" organization could demonstrate an interest to make headlines this sort of destructive threat - well think again as it may be about to hit home! So Donald Trump was used as a guinea pig with the intent these weapons would be discovered, but as the plan goes pointing responsibility to a terrorist organization. The reason the election process fell into the hands of the Russian Federation, as the hacking was like the fuse. Let's face the facts, a bomb is worthless without that fuse! So it worked, and today the Russian plan is in the advanced stages. Vladimir's plan was to use Trump as a hostage, giving him the freedom to be a hero by discovering the placement of the weapons and instead of instilling mass-media panic a quick plan to disarm, but at the same time "blackmailed". All this petty crap with his "Twitter" rant-on rage, it is nothing to what is really going on behind the scenes. See, it is a double-edged sword for Trump, as he knows about these weapons as that was part of his own scheme - to make a legacy wherein he is credited to saving America and at the same time making good his plan to make friends with Putin. Once in office, the plan is to discover the deployment of such weapons then be forced to make friends with Putin in efforts to have his military experts help us out of a jam. This is the main reason Trump is playing favoritism already with Vladimir, the plan is well known! The FBI investigation will discover that these Russian made weapons were deployed by ISIS, when in actuality it was the Russian mob. Then Putin gets what he wants from Trump, to help track down then disarm, as each Russian Federation weapon gives off a special encrypted sonar identifier known by the GRU. So, we wake up tomorrow to hear the threatening news that these WMDs have been deployed possibly in and around major cities like D.C., New York, L.A. and without a plan of attack, people would be crazed in realization they could be roasted to death any second now. So Trump calls upon Vladimir for help, and gets an approval of 100%. It is an overnight sensation success! And it will come at a cost, as the clock is already counting down. Yes, with the free-for-all intrusion that came about when we were more concerned about some stupid e-mail server, it was all part of the Russian oligarchy plan of attack. So they could arm the plan! And who will benefit? Putin, already the richest man in the world for one and hoping to be the 1st "Trillionaire" before Bill Gates! His cohorts in crime behind the mobilization of these weapons, they will rake in $billions$. And how did this plan work out so well for Putin? We became divided as a nation and placed our emphasis on attacking Obama. We were not watching our backside! For the last 8-years the outside world had witnessed this separation and that was plenty enough time for Vladimir to hatch this plan, initiate the plan and be successful. And it is all about money! Yes, Donald will become a hero, Vladimir will get what he wants from no more sanctions and "We the People" will pay a dear price-tag for our "dividedness" - it's strictly business! It will make Putin a "Trillionaire", his last ambition and at the same time a realization that he waged WAR against US and we settled out of court! And when it is all said and done and all the RA-115s have been disarmed, Donald finds a "Legacy" one that promotes him above all past Commander-in-Chiefs - for saving our behinds. What's in your wallet, a whole lot of IOU's for this fallout as we will all pay for being so un-American towards eachother!

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