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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Sony Boy Spy

"Sony, one so true..." Wow, is our CIA so, so smart! See, WikiLeaks is trying to castrate the CIA, by a dump of what appears to be highly classified "eavesdropping" techniques. Did you forget, as Julian Assange is today working as a "stool pigeon" for US - a deal that was brokered in the last days of the Obama "Terms of Encouragement". Today we are on the ZDonald Tyrump's "Terms of Endangerment" stage - Scary Movie Next! But when push comes to shove, the CIA acts as a bipartisan entity that can declare "WAR" on anybody, including the "Illegitimate" president. And all this scary-crap about our privacy in jeopardy due this "Dossier" showing the CIA's tools of the trade for spying on anybody and everybody? Well the Supreme Court as opined that the U.S. Constitution has No wording that guarantees a "Right to Privacy". It is an inherent "Right", but NO GUARANTEE. So say as you please who really gives a shat what they hear! "Can you hear me now? You can't stand the TRUTH!" And of course the crash-course "Dead-End Street" joyride that ZDonald Tyrump has taken US down is being corrected by the "Deep State". Get over it, it's happening as we breath - as when we have a Congress that is also "Illegitimate" because it refuses to "Impeach" ZDonald Tyrump due his incompetence and we have a Vice Pence also derelict in his duty to protect America's interest by not proposing a mutiny on the Tyrump - then last resort is "Casper the Ghost". The "CHAOS" day-in and day-out, it's part of the plan, get over it as ZDonald Tyrump is history! The CIA plan cannot be an overnight success, as it would be to awkward. But I just breezed through the WikiLeaks' document dump, it is old and outdated "garbage" designed to "Thrill" the seekers. Remember the Sony "hack" in 2014, wherein a secret virus infected the entire network, turned on desktop microphones and recorded all kinds of office filth fun? Well that was with espionage "cloak & dagger" viruses that are today eons old with respect to "bit" sourcing technologies. That code hacked by crazed destructionists was designed by our very own Geeks. But we keep moving forward with better stuff so don't really care if the old stuff gets loose! We know the old stuff has a tendency of getting in the wrong hands, so we remain prepared. See, this type of espionage started way back in 2010 when a concerted effort found a need to invade the computer of a state sponsored terrorist regime - when the age of Internet espionage really found the starting line. I worked for Siemens at the time, and that entity worked in concert with the CIA and NSA to develop a virus that could attack the nuclear facilities in Iraq. Since the centrifuge facilities used to enrich mine run uranium to weapons grade utilized a Siemens' control system, the spies needed help from Siemens at breaking into the code. The "bug" was  so stealth-like that is was very hard to find and or duplicate as it was embedded on a computer's memory in pieces, like a jig-saw puzzle. So if a piece went found by others under attack, there came a self-destruct code. But that was 6-years ago and what we have today at our eavesdropping disposal is, well you don't want to know and NO WikiLeaks doesn't know either. So this dump was for a reason, as anybody that tries to use it, our spies have a means to track your dirty deeds and track you down - it is a bait and hook strategy. Just like in what we know about what our military has to work with, what is held secret is at a minimum 10x better. And all this "crap" about ZDonald Tyrump blaming Obama for "tapping" his phones? Tapping is outdated, just too messy and not very secure and it leaves behind a fingerprint. And with drone technology we have little "Disposable" bugs that can fly around, get into the White House, get into the "Trump Tower" and listen in and tape it all. So the WikiLeaks release of this stuff, part of the CIA's plan to set the stage for the continued "Deep State" coup d'├ętat against ZDonald John Tyrump. And his staff realizes that if they don't turn against the "Tyrant", then best watch their backs as when the CIA has to initiate this type of bailout to secure our long standing Democracy under attack, there is NO safe haven for the "Turncoats". And here is another thing to consider. Every-time I visited a client's site and had to use a local PC to perform control work, when I saw "Kaspersky" pop up, enough said...Spy verses Spy!

(Steve Bannon in Oval Office)

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