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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Medicine Man

The TrumpSpare ObamaCare roll-out - a.k.a. American Health Care Reform Act of 2017 - is basically an effort to abide by the "Paperwork Reduction Act" of 1995. That which warrants un-burdening the government for unjustified printing and gobs of unnecessary paperwork that was starting to fill up the National Archives. Time to cut-down on the BS! The new "ACT" reduced ObamaCare from a 20" thick law to just over an inch, so a humongous reduction - like 95% less paper, less ink, less waste all around. See, Congress does less and less these days for the same amount of payola, more days off for lobbying or dinner dates with a guy named Sergey - so legislation must follow the same rude awakening. Yes, today we have a Congress that wants less reading, as that takes away from play time. So it is simple, cut down on the paperwork and that means under the "Replace & Repeal" ordeal, your health care costs will double. It is Simple Simon math as even members of Congress can perform simple multiplication by 2 and if a "Senator Left Behind" like Chuck Grassley, adding together two same numbers also easy! And if you can't afford that increase, too bad! Yes, it makes health care more accessible, at a cost. And since fewer and fewer will be able to afford the "Un-affordable" plan, it means more doctors and less wait time for those that can afford a check-up. And wow, if you are a "Lottery Winner", you get no government help. Like that was a big problem? And if you are a Wall Street "Insider Traitor" you get a tax break of $6000 bucks! Now this new "ACT" increase is "Double" for everything, get used to it and there will no longer be any government contact information for getting answers as to why bill collectors can legally rape Miss Liberty - even for a late payment! Now if healthy and didn't use that 2016 "Gold Plan" deductible of $1200 for routines, it is soon to be increased to $2400 - see x2 is so easy! And that 400-buck 3-minute one-on-one with somebody in scrubs, $800 biggins - once again x2! And if you get kicked off the job site and can't afford coverage, when you do get a job and re-enroll it will cost you a 30% fine - to the insurers? So that could ruin your retirement savings by an additional loss of $3000. So for the construction workers that get laid off due seasonal weather work restrictions, it will cost you $15500 per year for health insurance with Uncle Sam eating $5922 - about the same amount the Wall Street guy saved by a generous tax break - and your Make America Great Again American Health Care Plan drum roll please...$9661 out-of-pocket expenses! Which means ObamaCare was completely dismantled. See, that is what it cost before Obama said "Hell No NOT on MY Watch". It is reverse psychology math that the GOP used, get back to the basic fact that they don't give a rat's ass about your gout or enlarged prostate. But here is the fact of the matter why this Paul Ryan plan is based on a design that used abuse as its road-map back to abuse. ObamaCare also demonstrated a willingness for control of government waste. If Barack was going to have the U.S. Taxpayers pay out for obese people to maintain a fat-ass lifestyle shoving "Big Macs" down every orifice possible hold the pickles, ending medical waste - a.k.a. fraud - was paramount to success any medical mandate. Say a typical routine medical exam consumes an hour's worth of a doctor's time. This becomes the overall "payment" time factor based on data mining, so this is what the government pays out for medical coverage following a time basis scale - office time visit costs based on documented actual time. Each visit, an hour's time factor. So if a doctor can perform the same check-out in half that time, then twice as many patients can be checked in an out. But Uncle Sam doesn't like that, as it must pay out for work that doesn't fit the reduced time restraints - the government didn't like paying out for 16-office visits in an 8-hour day! So the government clamped down and thus a doctor had to refrain from taking on more patients. The reason in some states it is very difficult to get a private doctor outside of an Urgent Care or ER visit. You cannot double dip under ObamaCare. See, doctors and insurers were getting rich, as a 15-minute office visit was the norm which meant up to 32-visits per day which bilked Uncle Sam for a 400% overdraft. It's like overtime, the payer hates it and the payee loves it. And insurance companies were pushing this "more the better" as Uncle Sam went victimized. So when the g-men clamped down with ObamaCare, doctors and insurers were no longer getting rich - that is what went wrong with ObamaCare, cutting the rip-off. The reason some doctors have only half-day sessions - and thus forced to play golf. Well in efforts to maintain prior profit margins, insurers had to jack up rates - as shareholders get pissed when their stock crashes. But under ObamaCare, any increases were tough to legitimize - so came the call for a repeal. Control for an out-of-control mandate lasted 8-years! It is all about Wall Street and the "New" plan caters to the crooks once again. So with the Ryan "Panic" Plan, the states will get a "lump" of coal, and statutory rape will commence. And this time around - time to start eating that apple a day as in "Reality" are we that sick a nation?

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