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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Martial Law - TRUMP Style

It is amazing, that the newly filed "fine-tuned" lawsuits challenging Trump's second try at a "Travel Ban" seem to have a sense of urgency against, well Fascism! Steve "Pus Face" Bannon is a genuine "FASCIST" and sits at the right hand of the "Tower Maggot" and like a slime disease, the "pus" is spreading. The only reason lying is front and center the White House agenda, well Fascism is defined as fooling through deception. It's over with, the Oval Office will never again be the same, ZDonald Tyrump has ruined it for US and future generations. It even recovered after the Bill Clinton ejaculations, but it is totally different today, as with Bill it was just an office sexcapades with a girl named Monica. Fascism has different attributes, it is faceless. See, the wording included in these "Travel Ban" challenges before the Federal circuit court goes like this: "sovereignty against illegal actions of President Donald J. Trump", which is unprecedented. NOT the legal challenges, but to include such language that targets the "sovereignty" of any State of the Union based on "illegal actions" of a sitting U.S. President. That in itself points to the deficiency, the "Illegitimacy" of this Bozo Putin Puppet now occupying the Oval Office. We are on dangerous footing with DEMOCRACY when court hearings must now take into consideration the "mental state" of the president.  And I would hope that with the ZDonald Tyrump, whose "mental mind-set" is without a doubt under the Henry Murray psychiatric psycho wand of appeal, that the "insane" ward at North Brother Island will soon have another Typhoid Mary celebrity - the ZDonald! What I mean by that, soon this nation will be in celebration and rejoicing in the streets, with our very own "IMPEACHMENT" news like with the ouster of Park Geun-hye. We should look at the South Korean citizens with praise, that through "protests" the political corruption surrounding that nation's "illegitimate" president meant a dumping. Look, with a name like TRUMP our only option is to DUMP. And this coup came from protests, this ouster of a "Conservative" and according to reliable sources not afraid to tell the truth now that South Korea's working class will get back "inalienable liberties" that "Park was judged and executed by the people and not by political force or opposition." And we have a Congress that is at fault and should face the same consequences - a Kangaroo Court of Impeachment - based on the fact that the ZDonald Tyrump has lasted 50-days without a detention hearing - due his infringement as such ways and means are causing great harm. And when he accused Obama of a felony, that is an action against the 45th's sworn oath and he should have been...we should have been already in celebration the same kind of ouster here as we see today in South Korea. But NOT so fast, as this is NOT South Korea and with our democracy under attack - do we still have what it takes to take it all back?  The longer we wait, the tougher as the Tower Maggot is planning his escape by circumventing with injustice upon our Constitutional rights. Mind-boggling this sentiment of a "Deep Dark State", or is it? It all depends what side you stake your future, as there is enough "DEEP Throat" to go around. It's the Mobius Strip, we are all on the same page just 360 degrees out-of-phase - "Divided We Fall"! We used to be Americans, even with divided opinions, as we had a Congress that worked "bipartisan" to get things accomplished for "All the People". It is Congress that has sowed the seed for the "Division" that has taken this nation down a street called "Desolation Row". The Tyrump with Bannon with Putin posse realized an opportunity with a weak Congress, and today we have Apocalypse on the menu. But something is brewing that will be used to castrate any take-back attempts, either by Congress when it finally wakes and realizes it has no power or when we finally see eye to eye with protests from the Right & Left and realize we do have a common goal - and then commence an attack on the Fascist's government controlled by Vladimir Putin and now "blackmailing" the Tower Maggot. We are at WAR with the Russian Federation, a "new age" conflict that will have dire consequences upon our liberties if we DO NOT ACT NOW! But the Bannon takeover understands its vulnerability so is brewing up "CHAOS", for a reason. See, one would think that keeping arms safe from outlaws a pre-requisite behind the protection and security of the 2nd Amendment Right. As guns go loose, that irresponsibility could infringe on such rights due carelessness and promote rules and regulations that may forfeit away some of the right promulgated upon a "Well Regulated Militia". So what gives with all the firearm lootings the past 50-days? Like since the January "Inauguration" it has become a free-for-all theft opportunity. Yes, gun thefts in the thousands are making the headline news. But there has been a very suspicious pattern behind this gun theft, massive amounts being stolen away, since ZDonald Tyrump moved into the "White House". This is not an anomaly, as it is pre-meditated way to gain control through the "Chaos Theory". Guns are cheap, a hunk of steel machined into a weapon, so this giveaway is a planned approach to take away our rights. See, after the protests that followed the "Inauguration" that tallied a following much greater than the "Tower Maggot's" fan-base, the Fascist's government is fabricating a means to declare "Martial Law". By letting guns loose, there will be provoked a "Great American Shootout", and then ZDonald has the opportunity to declare "Martial Law", starting with the inner cities and soon we will be under control - it will start off small then consume more and more of the right to assemble. We are heading towards a grudge match, like an American version of the Tiananmen Square revolt, which ended up a massacre. And guess who gets to command that "Well Regulated Militia"? With guns and looters out-of-control from sea to shining sea, the right to assemble and protest will soon be taken away. And when we disobey, there will come bloodshed, and that will fear US into oblivion. Once we lose that power and obligation to take over a government abusive upon our Constitutional rights, we are then Steve Bannon slaves. It is time for a coup d'├ętat against the ZDonald Tyrump dysentery dynasty. All AMERICANS, even those that voted against Hillary, we are under attack. It may not have been ZDonald Tyrump's intent, but when a guy like Bannon sleeps with the enemy - wherein Vladimir Putin has the goods on the Tower Maggot, we are missing a Commander-in-Chief and down the drain goes Democracy. And that is scary, as it is ZDonald Tyrump's "illegal activity" against our individual indivisible "sovereignty" that is so threatening. As every day goes by, we are getting closer to an oligarchy that will have the power to - well that Tiananmen Square Massacre is starting to ring that Liberty bell with beware! Henry Murray? The guy that gave us Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber and we would be in much better shape if the Harvard grad mathematician were in that Oval Office and the "Tower Maggot" was incarcerated - let's hope that will happen SOON by his own admission! 

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