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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Strike for Solidarity

Lech Walesa ring a bell? It should, as today "We the People Majority" introduced the greatest political tool at our disposal, to take back the Fascist controlled Oval Office. It was the "Day Without A Women" protest. I am sure labor activist Lech was proud of such efforts, as the same worked for his people back in 1980 when the Gdansk Shipyard saw similar work stoppages. So popular was this movement of the proletariat working class heroes, that Lech who was just an electrician by trade would in 1990 become the leader of Poland. Talk about draining the swamp - the workers did it! A "Strike in Solidarity" has sweeping ramifications - more powerful then "thy" vote and an escape option when the "vote" is dismantled by an oligarchy take-over or an inept Congress. Now at the same time "Real American Woman" joined hands in this "Day" today, waaaaell laa de freakin' da well groomed Melanomia Trump along with Istinka Rump wined and dined a group of women that must enjoy the "groper", while at the White House in honor of "International Women's Day". Yes Oval Office news but with a FAKE ideology identity, as "Real" women against ZDonald Tyrump boycotted his "woman abusive" agenda and carried out a "Work Strike" in Solidarity. Remember, John Lennon wrote us a song about abuse against our women, "Woman is the nigger of the something about it." So with this "Strike", it proves when push comes to shove we still have a "weapon of huddled masses for destruction". Today we witnessed that "might" as schools closed to accommodate teachers absent from their in-class duties, at the same time "Real" guys that believed in this cause honored the "Strike" by doing double-duty shifts and carrying the load to keep the business trains running on schedule. Sidebar: Look, my daughter is not getting a permission slip to visit the White House when a pervert is around with so much power, especially that immunity clause! He can "grope" and get a free pass and he is a friend of Epstein! But the "Strike" was a test, as it had economic repercussions sea to shining sea, as those that supported this movement didn't show up for work and also refused to buy things not out of necessity. And here is what it did to the economy, this small "Strike". Just looking at what effect it had on the Dow Jones, if you are a millionaire brace your wallet as due this consumer boycotting, you lost $95000 bucks - due this 8-hour protest. And to place it in a greater perspective, let's look at how this "boycott" affected a member of the Trump team. Rex Tillerson, well today in just a single day's "Strike" without the guys jumping in and only a very small percentage of "Real Women" joining the Solidarity rank and file, the ex-EXXON CEO and now Secretary of State lost $17-million! All total in the ZDonald John Tyrump "Executive Privilege" camp, a loss approaching $460-MILLION - in a single day of protest! Now by tomorrow's closing bell, more than likely the gains will erase today's loses, but if "We the People Majority" mobilized for the long haul such a "Strike in Solidarity", the repercussions would be a hijack of the wealth. Get the point, what a Weapon of Monetary Destruction we have against the wealthy! Gives that WMD new meaning, thanks Dubya. And if we were forced to endure a lengthy "Strike", do you really think the wealthy would know what to do to fix a cesspool on overflow? Of course not, but it is filling up and panic will soon be their MO!

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