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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Trump Attacks Alaska

Maybe his geography is as bad as his spelling? Or his groping grip a choking mistrial of the right to be "let alone" not molested when "left alone". Could be a mistrial of his mental mindset while dealing with an "enlarged prostate" or way too much "Chaos" chowder in his Desolation Row Oval Office. See, ZDonald Tyrump is attacking Alaska. Maybe somebody should show him on a map how close the 49er is to Russia, then maybe a friendlier relationship could prevail as 55-miles is but a stone's throw! And Alaska is right up his alley, as when Congress gave the "Green Light" to build the controversial Trans-Alaska-Pipeline - steel pipe from Japan! Not to forget though, the face-off fact the "Tower Maggot" hates Native Americans - one revolting "un-becoming a United States President" trait. That was made clear and convincing when he sent in the "goons of aggression" with the Dakota pipeline "camp in". Wasn't it amazingly "PATRIOTIC" when the "Veterans" went to help the protestors in a show of  solidarity strength against the molester! And Alaska voted for the Cruz missile! But the "Tower Maggot's" recent attack upon the "Last Frontier" comes about due Senator MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly's "Tyranny" against his mandates. Remember, MoanaLisa stood up against the Devos nomination and today she has become very vocal against the Paul Ryan "Escape Hatch" medical insurance company bailout. So with MoanaLisa, natives and Cruz - it meant that 3-strikes out philosophy. So this is how the Oval Office starts to deal with problem children, retaliate by cutting off funds. See, the Coast Guard was starting to become a value-added entity with the race to the top of the world. OK, with "Global Warming" melting the ice through the Northwest Passage and a whole lot of interest in the Arctic Ocean for resource development, there came interest under the Obama to increase the presence of the Coast Guard in Alaska. But the 45th's new budget cuts the Coast Guard payola by a staggering $1.5-billion. Strange, when all other branches of the military are to enjoy healthy for the wealthy defense contractor increases. The race is on in the Arctic near shore, as nations today can only claim a 12-mile "sanctuary zone", so an authoritative "military" like presence is required for our nation's best interest. That area surrounded by Siberia and Alaska and Canada contains beaucoup "gas hydrate" reserves, the earth's future energy source. And just recently, submarines from China were monitored navigating the international waters through the Bearing Strait - to the Arctic Ocean. Why? Because this is today "No Man's Land" and the next "resource" gold mine. And it was proven during the TAPS concept by General Dynamics that LPG submarines could be the next best way to move liquefied petroleum resources, which means it is up for grabs - for anybody! So more ice breakers and the possibility of building a  major CG station on Alaska's North Slope was envisioned by Obama - which would supply thousands of supply-chain jobs for Alaskans - yes many jobs for Native Alaskans. We would be stupid to deny an increased presence in that domain, but this is how the present Oval Office "Maggot" views the real world, a get-even approach. And also missing in the military budget, NO increased funding for the "Missile Defense Shield", another thing that was to be approved by the next president and a major benefit for Alaska. So we are beginning to see how the ZDonald Tyrump reacts to bad news those that he cannot issue a "You're Fired" termination slip. Sad, as even Hitler had friendlier ways of getting even, and that involved being "shat" upon! So, with this Oval Office fascist narcissist and condescending attitude towards humankind, I guess if Russia gets claim of those resources before US not a big deal, as the ZDonald Tyrump benefits because we all know he has deeper roots to the Kremlin then Miss Liberty. 

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