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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Putin Ovary You!

BOYCOTT: Is Nikita Putin pullin the wool over the blind-eyed American? If so, is it time for the good-eyed Americans to boycott “Kaspersky” due the Russian Federation abiding and abetting Syria's wannabe “Saddam Bin Laden Hussein” and his “Apocalypse Now” following, with Vladimir smears attacking "MY" nation's credibility and getting in the way of a fix? I despise wasting Taxpayers' money, so we need something to put Putin away from our business – like maybe inviting him to Alaska to serenade Sarah Palin! That's what Palin meant when she said she could see Russia with LOVE from the 49er – there was a fling-thing in effect. Then again, is Putin trying to “Test” Obama and trick us into another “WAR” that could find Putin's “Legacy” as US against THEM? According to reliable sources, 1/3rd of corporate and personal PCs in the United States are under control of Kaspersky. Yes, a firm owned by Vladimir Putin and headquartered in Moscow – in the Kremlin! Of course he owns it, as “Communism” never died and is alive and well, just under a new name aiming at “Ecommunism” wherein the sickle is trying to cross us economically into disaster. Look, Nikita Vladimir Putin is the richest man in the world! Take Gates and Buffett's net worth combined and that is what Putin may be worth according to sources reliable. See, “WAR” drains away resources much needed here in the “Homeland”, like for rebuilding of bridges to commerce along with funding bridges to nowhere in Alaska. Hay, that would be a good out-of-the-picture tenure trek for Vladimir, with Sarah in tow and planning the menu – you eat it first Bear Grylls! Talk about impostors, BoGrylls is not an Alaskan even if Obama thinks so, never was and never will be as his techniques shown on “Reality Survival” would get one in deep doo-doo if used in Alaska's wilderness. Anyway, do you really trust a Russian “Cheka” snooping around your memory? And why is it that we are paying over a $billion$ dollars a year to buy Putin's virus ass-wiping “crap” and sending this money to Moscow so he can wreck havoc around the globe? What ever happened to “Buy America”, instead of “Sell Out America”. IMAGINE if Hillary's State Department PC and server #1 through “Total Number Still Classified” were under control of Kaspersky under control of the KGB – Putin's fraternity. Don't you think a name change for Kaspersky was in order when it invaded this nation or are we as a nation that vulnerable? Remember “Casper” was a friendly ghost, and means the same with “Kasper” and add sky's the limit? Have we been taken for a ride? Yes, as Kasper's software maintains a backdrop into every damn computer and server under its domain – so yes, 1/3 of Americans have been Uncle “IT” castrated. Casper - with a mile long smile - can turn on that desk-top computer camera and broadcast the scene live to Moscow...So yes, we need a boycott today, else we are just allowing our borders to be ransacked right before our very own eyes shadowed in our “Right to Privacy” living rooms, allowing our homes to be infiltrated and spied upon – and we fear our own government?

Nikita Vladimir Putin

KASPERSKY, how it works: When installed on any Window's Operating System, it operates as an Internet and network virus sniffing eliminator and blocking mechanism, and works well but its ultimate intent was to trick. In efforts to perform this “Trick” task to infiltrate a user's memory thus security, it uses an “Endo-polkovnik” code to stealth-invade the computer's “Kernel”, what “Polkovnik” means. And “ENDO” relates to an endothermic calculation, without “heat” so goes undetected by the best of detectives. Once the “Kern” is given permission to be violated, then Casper starts the fun. So as that flashing “Kaspersky” icon makes you feel that you are being protected, guess again as the “FLAME” has been aroused and, well the greatest “espionage” tool dreamed-up by our CIA – used against IRAN but went out of control – well say goodbye to any Internet security. See, when the CIA and NSA teamed up to challenge Putin helping IRAN build a bomb, there came a breach using the “FLAME” and that lead to destruction of the uranium enrichment facilities, setting back the bomb making fuel many years. But in the aftermath, computer detectives were able to re-create the destructive code and bring it home. So YES, your computer is vulnerable as is your security and the ultimate weapon against our CONSTITUTION, a violation of our “Right To Privacy” in our own homes. What to do, there ain't nothing to do as it is too damn late!

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