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Monday, October 5, 2015

Foot Fungus

Here it is, Sunday once again - end of the workweek soon the beginning of another “Trench-town” we rock. If only politicians had too work for a living! Yes, my Sunday, in what should still be a day of rest enjoy the creative altar of the Creator - NO not sinfully wasting away precious life, liberty and pursuit of happiness time in a box store style con-glamorized church...just look outside at what the Creator made for us. Take your family for a nature walk the need to rekindle a lost relationship with the Creator, instead of that place that reeks of rotting corpses! But today the political circus invades this day-of-rest tranquility, this revered day not of reckoning, that was at one time not so long ago set aside for prosperity of freedom. When “Blue Laws” made it a crime to politicize and forbid any political agenda seeking. Honestly, in some east coast states aligned with the 13-original colonies, if a politician went perverted and tried to practice his or her passion of deceit upon others on a Sunday, it meant a crime pay the fine! But the peace and quiet has been attacked and today a 24/7 apocalypse is upon us, especially through news' follies like "Beat the Press". Not a "typo", but during today's Chuck Retard's attack on Smaug Trump, well Chuck had not the cohunes to stare down the Trumpeter. OK, Trump's hairdo is fashioned like a secret 007 weapon nest of concealment ready to unleash Armageddon, and it is a close range attack! I think maybe Gomora lives in that clump of fur and ready to jump to the Smaug's command – like an attack dog! So, "Who's your daddy". And then due equal-access-time approved by the Clinton Presidency, we get a hang-over capture of Sillary on SNL, playing the role of a barkeep trying to pacify Hillary on the binge. Hey, she showed her true self as she did not want to be on this stage of laughter and is only doing so in efforts to commediasieze her down-and-out ranking. So, along with "Who's your daddy" and "And everybody says she's the brains behind Pa'", one would be better off wasting away free time in church instead of claiming attention this boob-tube “Reality” show. Yes, today's political climate is "Maggie's Farm" on steroids. And so boring, as the commercials supporting this feeble attempt to sway our votes, such takes up at least half the airway time. Look it is double dipping, as I pay for cable and pay for wasted time? Well this is an indicator of who is paying for...well preferential treatment. See, today the "Foot Fungus" lobby had its opportunity to move Chuck in a direction his best attempt to de-throne Trump. It didn't work and after the show, well the Zuckerberg poll showed that MSNBC's "Meet the Press", well it's like taking good cuts of meat and shoving it through a grinder along with pig eyeballs, hoofs and mouse crap – fresh bolognie! A good thing ruined. So, MSNBC is in the same vote as Sillary - tanking.

Zuckerberg Debateflate-Gate Poll Highlights - Week of October 4th:
Tom Brady once again endorses Donald Trump - good for 2% of popular vote as the New England fans follow the QB regardless of party affiliation. See, this is a re-occurring thing for Brady, like he is forgetful? Overall: Trump gains 2%, loses 3% for a total net of 1% negative. NEA endorses Hillary Clinton, even though the 3-million membership is pissed. OK, and according to the NEA spokesperson by the name of Sarah Pinocchio, "we want teaches that teach our children well, and Hillary's honesty and integrity pursues that goal". Hillary Overall: 3% gain, 6% change of heart for a total of 3% negative. Bernie Sanders - 45% of Independent voters have given taxed income to Bernie's campaign - not good money thrown away and the over-throw away from conventional wisdom is on a growth spurt that will continue to dominate the DNC cuntathon. Is Howard Dean a transvestite?

In a Zuckerberg Recap: Liar, Liar and pants on fire!

The “Zuckerberg Poll” is a sophisticated “Political Polling” instrument secretly secluded away and administered from remote Alaska. Designed by college students, it utilizes the “Brain Power” of a U.S. Taxpayer funded Cray Super Computer housed at the University of Alaska - in Fairbanks. The “Zuckerberg Poll” is a predictive model that mimics sophisticated weather modeling algorithms in efforts to consume polling information from the majors, like from Gallup-Pew-Rasmussen-Quinnipiac, then proceed with number crunching in efforts to regurgitate polling numbers for the future. “Red Storm” is a high performance parallel processing computer consisting of the “Brain Power” of 26000 PCs, or in computer language capable of 200 “Tera-flops”, which means it could generate an Excel “Spreadsheet” 5x5-miles long and “Recalculate” all cells within 1-second! The “RED STORM” utilizes an operating system called “Cougar”.

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