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Monday, October 12, 2015


Take another hit, of fresh air” now that Mary Jane is smoldering aloft from sea to shining sea – as maybe it will get this nation and the “Divide” to find common ground like was once demonstrated. Yes, the “younger” generation must realize that there came a time in America “challenged” wherein we had not such a divide, even though we were free to practice and voice our opinions. When RESPECT was still somewhat in fashion. Case in point - during the late 70's the leftover “Hippie Movement” started to embrace the GAIA Hypothesis. In fact it wasn't only the “LOVE NOT WAR” generation that embraced the “GAIA” goddess, as even neo-conservatives contributed to the acceptance of the theory that nature could mask any earthly anthropogenic diseases – a.k.a. “Gore Global Warming”. So it was something the “Loose Left” and “Tight Right” found common ground upon - something that joined Reggaenomics with Reaganomics when GAIA started grandstanding our concerns that our ways and means were causing distractions upon the ecosystem. Not a “typo”, as it was not yet cause for alarm a “destructive” mechanism un-leashed by “Modern Man”! So we were not at odds this concern, as it was a time when the rich were high on cash and the rest of us high on that stash which accounted for this “common ground”. Even Dick Cheney supposedly embraced the “Daisey-world” theory of GAIA, while writing the script for what would become known as “Four Dead in OHIO” and then morphed into the PNAC “yellow-cake” recipe of disaster. And Dick admits had he “toked” when universitized, maybe he would have been a little easier going on things – like fake “WARS”. And it was the time when another science of interest coined the “Global Warming” mystique which went without an appetite, as it was trumped by GAIA. Yes, there came a time when we maintained a philosophy that “Mother Earth” ruled – thus GAIA ruled our interests over the doom & gloom of “Global Warming”. We had more faith in the Earth's steadfast capability to ward off mankind's insurrection then to accept the “Warming Warning” and its message that “We're All Going To Fry”! Be it, all was good on the front-line. Then the politicians became involved, in efforts to use the doom & gloom scenario for personnel benefits – called the fear factor. So when we were not divided on an all important single issue, well the damn circus of politics made sure there came a divide and since then it has confronted the science and nobody can agree on anything – accept the fact politicians will rape your children if it means getting ahead in the polls. Anyway, at least there existed some same-page common ground the left and the right for but a single episode once upon a time – with GAIA! It started in the 60s and was fashionable through the late 80s, until we lost hope with the “Big Flush” - the EXXON Valdez wreck - and faith was abandoned as was the goddess theory for “NOTHING else! But when it was a popular movement, it was a time when prominent scientists like James Lovelock made fame, this theory that the earth was a self-regulating self-healing system of mighty complexity surrounding itself with feedback mechanisms that were difficult to understand. Indeed visually overwhelming complexity that saw too it that the “Big Bang” was a hoax no different then the Flat Earth's Society fit-to-be-tied castration upon reasonableness. A theory of merit so embraced, that it insisted that there existed a “Creator” and we didn't evolve from baboons as the latter were smarter then us as they could be taught to smoke a Camel from their butt-holes. See, GAIA was a calculated movement with a degree of complexity a zillion-times above and beyond human reasoning. Yet Lovelock was able to bring this complexity down to earth, so those not already in-tune to this theory could easily grasp the concept – that the Creator cared about mans' behavior and orchestrated conditional rehabilitation should we shit too much on our brothers and sisters and learn not lessons from nature – like calling it quits the choke smoking of our lungs – yes baboons were laughing at us as we laughed at them! I am not a scientist like Doctor Lovelock, yet we as humans are all observers of science surrounding us day in day out, as “Science” rules our existence. OK, now that cell phones are “Flat”, have we started to embrace the “Flat Earth” society theory? But I postulate my theory through observations that “GAIA” seems to be working and “Daisey-world” is in effect even though Lovelock himself fears for the future – that we are doomed. I admire this stand, yet as we humans stand back and continue to debate our evil ways and means upon the ecosystem, why have the GAIA principles been abandoned so early on? Testimony through nature's own indictment finds the realization we are stubborn and therefore a force above-and-beyond must interfere upon our intrusions causing the climate changing challenges. IMAGINE if all the pervert politicians had to bite “thy” tongue and admit they were wrong about “Global Warming”? IMAGINE not, as we will one day admit defeat in trying to understand what is going on right before are very own eyes and ears. The abandonment of GAIA is based on the fact we are inferior beings and afraid to admit defeat. GAIA is working, “Let It Be”! When I look around from that sea to shining sea, the “Daisey-world” concept is working – said again as we continue to argue and debate with “NOTHING” gained, something is sending this earth on a correction course. And YES, a non-destructive “correction” course and not the dead-end many dead-beats are trying to punish the “Deniers” with. I see this corrective action in my backyard as it is so pronounced when traveling the highways. Why so? Because our highways provide the “Litmus Test” laboratory, and it has become the ultimate GAIA testing grounds. My observations started several years ago, and the phenomenon has taken on an exponential cause and effect contribution. Which means our ways and means have contributed to an upset, yet corrections are re-conditioning the ecosystem back to normal – what the GAIA hypothesis is all about. See, black-top that absorbs massive amounts of heat and all total an area the size of the state of Connecticut, well need I say any more and ask the deniers against the deniers to look around. In fact, we are in PHASE II of GAIA, as the theory in practice provides not “White” daisies for regulation but “yellow” - so the theory wasn't 100% accurate. As “White” meant extreme behavior corrections required and today we are at “Code YELLOW”, which is several factors away from the “WHITE Rabbit”. But when we are in-tune to driving 80-mph or more, many notice “nothing” and instead stay tuned to either liberal radio waves or conservative radio waves, and maybe that RF radiation is clouding our individualisms and denying, well “RESPECT” to compromise our concerns. So when one takes the time to observe “GAIA” at work along the heat-sinks provided by thousands of miles on black-top, the fact there is today a proliferation of healthy yellow daisies as far as the eye can see, the feedback mechanisms are in effect to cool things off. Look, the “Global Warming” theory is complex and understood by not many, but we all drive, so that is wherein we should pay attention and realize “GAIA” is working as we continue to debate “what to do about NOTHING”. We are smart to stay out of it and not involve ourselves with somebody else's business, as that “somebody” is a mighty force best left alone. Sure mankind contributes to the warming trends, but look at the turnaround of the GAIA feedback mechanisms taking hold! Just a few shy years ago, the scientist said the great mammals of the oceans-11 would cease to exist. Well low-and-behold the whale population is at an all time high, and we cannot contribute that to chasing the Japanese pirates away from our fishing grounds. In fact, when biologists could count but a single “Beluga” whale left in Cook Inlet off of the Alaskan coast, today thousands are once again counted swimming the Turn-Again. The “Ocean” warms up, algae growth increases to facilitate and cool things off. Algae supports the food chain and whales prosper, so true also with the polar bear population as it finds a ways and means to survive the changes. In fact polar bears that were close to being “Endangered” have bounced back in numbers after a few cruel years when the population was on a crash course, as evolution finds them adopting new ways of survival. And as these corrections are embedded in the cycle, for future use, we find that nature learns from our mistakes. Even though we humans have not taken control of our contribution to “Global Warming”, we are also prone to changing our habits, like how our own ways and means are being challenged and changed for the better off. Renewable energy is starting to throw a wrench  upon fossil fuel development, the reason oil prices suck. Next year alone, 15% of all new electrical generation will be by “Ra”! So, there may be an intelligent feedback mechanism that protects the earth's interests, in effect today as we continue to debate the cause and effect - as with nature, “Time waits for NO ONE” and it may be time once again to “Give GAIA a Chance”!

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