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Thursday, October 8, 2015

2nd Guessing

Wow, why is it so few understand the U.S. Constitution? Congressional frustration has caused many to probe the “What If” scenario, what shall we do should “government” get too stingy and crowd out “OUR” freedoms. But are not we glad that “government” is investigating Hillary Clinton? In fact, today we hear that the Obama administration is also looking into what Hillary consumed when she was playing impostor as Secretary of State and actually using that time on the “Taxpayers” dime to wine and dine her political presidential aspirations. OK, so the Benghazi committee has spent $4.5Million in the past 17-months in efforts to defend this nation which equates to a “Witch-Hunt”? Maybe so a “Witch-Hunt”, but let the committee finish its business, as to halt horses in mid-stream can be damaging to both Clinton and the nation. If in the end the committee finds nothing but egg on its face, then Hillary smiles all the way to Chappaqua and those responsible for the “hunt” get booted out of office come the natural re-selection cycle. OK, with all due respect Bill Clinton, I tend to add a “dick” to the “Chap”. Remember “Chappaquiddick”? Today Mary Jo Kopechne jumped off the Ted Kennedy Bridge”! Hey, have any idea how much you and I spend so Hillary can gallivant around the world entertaining her clientèle that still believe “Honesty” is just a suggestion and not a pre-requiste for a U.S. President? Remember, as 2nd Lady she is afforded “protection” and maybe in need of “witness protection”. Look, Monica was the “REAL” 1st Lady when Bill went jogging to the corner burger joint after a rough “Oval Office” day under-cover. Talk about the 2nd - “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”. The “Militia” is alive and well today from sea to shining sea and by virtue gun ownership, you own that “Milita” membership. Gun stores sell out “ammunition” faster then the Clintons dodging a...But wait just a minute fools, as according to the 2nd Article of the Constitution adhering to the 2nd Section defining Presidential Powers - The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States, when called into the actual Service of the United States... That “Militia” is the same as that defined in the 2nd Amendment! So YES, should the Commander-in-Chief find it necessary to protect this nation's security – upon which the Federal Courts grant unlimited powers to protect – the Commander-in-Chief can at any time “call to duty” the “Militia” and those that don't respond, well guess what? Once the “Militia” is summoned, as it is an entity already under the sitting President's control by virtue of the “Constitution”, well to deny the Commander-in-Chief finds reasons for detention and acts of abandonment – a.k.a. “Treason”. Get the point! Basically speaking, the “Founding Fathers” provided us with the “RIGHT”, but at the same time struck a balance that should this nation need such “Militia” to support national security, then the “Militia” was at the beckon call this support. So, here is a true “What If” scenario you should consider when you go to visit “Thomas Crapper” this morning. If guns of mass murderers were out of control and people started taking to bear arms to protect our kids while out at the schoolyard “merry-go-round” and the sitting President saw this as a threat, he could “call-to-duty” the “Militia” - without consent of Congress because it is not a declaration of war and confiscate control of your weapons...If one uses the 2nd Amendment “Right” as a vice to keep and bear arms, then the “Security of a free State” provides protection to carry-on that choice, yet through a “well regulated Militia”. Yes, we seem to despise any form of “regulation”, but it is written in the Constitution and provides the Commander-in-Chief ultimate control. And only if the Congress declared “WAR” on the chief would there be any recourse this “control”. Bottom-line, you own a gun then you are part of the “Militia” and the Commander-in-Chief is your boss when push comes to shove - "Love it or Leave it"!

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