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Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fools Gold

Wow, so the “Fools” continue to find “Gold”! I am talking the political “Fools” and how so why so many citizens continue to listen without wonder what the GOP front runners are trying to send forward a message of...well Hillary isn't the only one with a taste and fascination of dishonest messaging. Does she really believe that her private PC and server #1 and #2 and #3 and #4 under the Kaspersky geek were safe? Look, that snooping is owned by the Russians, so sure it confuses the issue. Where is Jon Huntsman during all the mess and confusion? And we are so conditioned to “Dishonesty is the Best Policy”, we give not “Peace a Chance”, the Bernie Sanders' message. See, I believe the majority of front-runners are making it miserable so the “citizenry” gives up hope and pays no attention to the continued attempt to “ruin” this nation and come the next vote, well many will show up just to exercise that party stuck “opinion” and not really understand what we are getting ourselves into. So, Jeb “DULL” Bush – the candidate without any real interest and the energy of a slug – bashes Trump's “of record” response to “Eminent Domain”. Trump was just reciting what the “Constitution” provides, as the United States by virtue of “Sovereignty” enjoys “Eminent Domain” like every other nation on earth communistic through commercialistic, always has and always will be that way and for this nation thanks to the “Founding Fathers” envisioning the land swindling by rich bastard landlords hording it all and making the “huddled masses” live like wharf rats in dungeons. So the “Mighty” Constitution warrants the takeover of such living conditions at “Fair Market” value. Remember, “This land is your land, this land is my land”, through the presence of the “Domain”. Now Jeb should have at least recognized the fact during his “Police State” attack on Trump that even though the “Constitution” allowed for cash out deals, the “states” - especially Florida - did not always believe in paying up for hostile takeovers, until the Fedreal stepped in and Congress passed the 14th Amendment with a “due process” clause and effect. See, following the “Civil War” had not the Congress allowed this change of heart, rich bastard land owners could have kept in business "Big Mac" sweat shops with slave labor at bottom basement wages. So the “Eminent Domain” has far reaching control with respect to insurrection imperfections. Bravo this “Constitution”. So Trump was exonerating his knowledge this fact at the same time Jeb was performing an exorcising on his...well can this guy be serious? Yes, a trick question which one! And on the other front, according to e-mails flying around the cloud, at 8am on Thursday the 8th Kevin McCarthy was at a private Boehner GOP House breakfast - courtesy the U.S. Taxpayers - with his family in tow and accepted the “House Speaker” nomination, which meant that at high-noon that same day the “Fumata Bianca” would indicate the pompous conclave's choice to replace Boehner after 4 years in “Exile on K Street”. See, e-mails in the “cloud” show signs that McCarthy may have been a closet “Democrat” and used the Benghazi Committee attack speech as a plan of attack upon the GOP lead witch-hunt castrating Hillary Clinton's aspiration to “Get Out of Jail Free”. And it makes sense as McCarthy comes from “Democratic Roots” and entered the beltway when infiltration “Nobody Looking” was allowing such “stool-pigeoning”. For such a cave-in at the last minute, something stinks fishy like Bill Clinton's “salute” finger. See, Hillary was “Toast” and about to face a possible “indictment” which would have made her presidential worries low hanging fruit as she defended her “freedom” for a violation of 18 U.S.C 2071 – a disqualification of office due a violation of Obama's “Executive Order 13526”, as it meant incarceration possibilities! At least with what the committee has demonstrated, Hillary violated Obama's gag order on “Classified Information”. So it was time for the DNC – lead by Debbie “Was-a-Maniac” derelict from her job – time for the “Howard Dean” sorority to rally behind “Spousal Abuse Wife of the Century” to bring out the “Big Cohunas” secret weapon, and that is where McCarthy was called into action, to crash and discredit Gowdy's committee - so cries heard across the isle would insist disbanding the witch-hunt as to not reveal what is cause for concern a dereliction of duty by Hillary when acting as Bill's “Secretary of Slate”. According to reliable sources that hang out around the clouds, Boehner was handed a private note during the breakfast that warned of the Hillary & McCarthy cover-up. So Boehner had to pull a fast one, as had the “Cloud” not revealed this relationship, McCarthy – a closet Democrat – he would have been the “House Speaker” of a Republican majority “House of Lords”. IMAGINE, and if Hillary was off-the-hook and won the 46th with a closet democrat at the helm? Now here is what's so interesting, McCarthy needed clout to be heard, and by being the intended front runner to replace Boehner this carefully gifted plan, his words have far reaching ramifications, just what the Clinton camp needed desperately at this point in the game. So how did McCarthy get so high so quick – it was all planned as when you have a body like Congress in total denial and disrepair, the vulnerabilities weaken the whole “dam” thing. And why all of a sudden did Boehner want out? See, Boehner may have been secretly indicted as the BBMB. What and who's on 1st? Yes, the Benevolent Bowel Movement Bandit, the guy that was shitting on car hoods in the wee hours of daylight over in Ohio, John's state of origin. See, Ohio is a valuable state for a run to the presidency, mostly Conservative-Republican and John was getting even with those districts not yet disenfranchised and still leaning toward the “Left” - so John left them a surprise. And according to reliable sources, the police blotter indicates the defecation coincided with the “Congressional Calendar” AWOL dates! But the police could not finger-print the bowel movements, until a camera caught John in the act, the resemblance is remarkable yet no arrests? And before this news hit the “cloud”, the “House Speaker” may have went convinced by the Pope that Pooping was...well a private thing. Talk about the “Exile”, it gives “Turd on the Run” new meaning! So anyway, we must look between the smoke to analyze what is really going on behind the scenes. It is but a game, and we citizens are the may as well make it silly. Maybe it be not elevated to that of a conspiracy but theatrical embarrassment. Nothing a good flush couldn't remedy, but flush twice as it is a long way to the “Beltway”!
Fell down to my knees and I hung onto your pants,
But you just kept on runnin' while they ripped off in my hands.
Di'mond rings, Vaseline, you give me disease,
Well, I lost a lot of love over youMick & Keith

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