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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Alaska - Campus SHOOT-OUT

Great Alaskan Shoot-out”, scheduled at the University of Alaska campus next month! Scary as it appears the “Shoot-Out” finds new meaning today on the college campus in the aftermath of the Umpqua “Shoot-out” - with 10 dead and 30 wounded. But we must also realize that “mass murder” sprees on college campuses found credibility back in 1970. Yes, at “High Noon” on May 4th 67-premeditated lethal rounds in 13-seconds left 4 Kent State students dead in pools of blood and 9 other innocent book carrying scholars fending for life, liberty and that pursuit of happiness. Good thing for “poor marksmanship”, as it could have been a real massacre. And NO, it was not the filming of a Clint Eastwood flick, but testament that we had found a dead-end road to hallucinate our future. Yes, a “Shoot-out” condoned by government and using the almighty fire-power of the OHIO National Guard to...well lost for words as to why the American flag went ablaze by this action! What was demonstrated aftermath was a nation-wide protest, by students and faculty that seemed to resonate all the way to the beltway in an exercise upon the 1st Amendment Right to be heard – and finally Nixon was “Impeached”. See, the NEA and every damn college in this “Great Once Nation” could be demonstrating the same today – protesting to get the point across that we are tired of what is going on with way too much bloodshed from sea to shining sea. From innocent “black kids” gunned down, cops in uniform gunned down, more highway drive-by-shootings and praytell hard to believe school-yard massacres – yes innocence taken away by bullets on the loose. And all we hear is more back and forth gossip from the Theft(a.k.a. LEFT) verses the Blight(a.k.a. RIGHT). OK, once again the Congress offers “sympathy” – but for the Devil! Look, the 2nd Amendment Right is here to stay, that is reaffirmed today from yesterday a guarantee through the Supreme Law from the “High Court”. Any attacks on the 2nd could be construed as “Contempt” and find those behind such feeble attempts incarcerated – just like the recent jailing of Kim Davis, for going against “Our Constitution” based on religious beliefs. Bravo the Fedreal! We must realize any means to curtail such bloodshed becoming an everyday occurrence finds no solution messing with the “Constitution”. So what are we to do? Guns are indeed out of control as are those individuals bent on causing massive harm to others. Have we come to such cross-roads wherein every citizen not by force but through choice went “armed”, would it be the solution? Of course not, as it would then convince that “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself” finding new meaning – as living in fear is by no stretch of the IMAGINATION what we are all about as FEAR is not even mentioned in the “Constitution”! FEAR is the opposite of BRAVERY and should be a non-existence here in the “Homeland”! Look, when I was a kid growing up in the city streets of Pawtucket, we feared not our lower income neighborhoods, as my dad along with Sid and Chet...well the fists of an ARMY man and MARINE man and NAVY man meant business. On a comparison basis, there existed as many guns then as today - it was Rhode Island and home of the Mafia - with far less gun control fanaticism yet not a problem in society? Like something occurred that has fostered acceptance to these “Shoot-Outs”. So who and what is behind it all? “Carrying” provides no semblance of bravery, it is just the opposite as having a weapon in public is the ultimate “Fear Factor” those concealing. But it is fear-mongering that seems to be resonating from the podium and also from the pulpit that finds a clash of the Titans, with respect to gun control. Why so? As we are inundated by false beliefs. And if we were to arm the huddled masses, it would set precedence and we as a nation would forever have to cheer arms in public! Is this then “OUR AMERICA”? Of course NOT! Would being forced to “carry” instill a positive attitude towards that goal of liberty? It would be a name changer, instead of the “United States” it would thus become more in tune to “United Habeus Corpus”! Of course one can argue “carrying” suffices in the “life” category as maybe a temporary resiliency, but that is only a piece of the equation. Yet there is a weak link that troubles this nation, that finds wherein this “blood-shed” problem upon a society hinders our prosperity and we see more and more curtailment that pursuit of happiness – which means “Liberty” surrenders itself such attacks. And that “weak link”, it is called “Congress” not taking responsibility for making sure the “Constitution” is understood – which includes respect for the Commander-in-Chief regardless of the color of one's skin. But Congress is the problem, as we are prone to elect wingtip-leaders over statesmen and that dereliction our blame insists on chastising our “Freedoms”. Making US afraid is working! So what to do finds meaning uniting upon an all-inclusive “Revolution”. YES, in efforts to get this nation back to normalcy it requires “UNITED WE STAND”, something that the current Congress since way back in 1989 has been trying to shy us away from. “WE the PEOPLE” yield the ultimate power, yet when divided we have NO clout and thus taken advantage upon – exactly what is occurring today as the political and religious opportunists seek control our weakness to align as “One” for the “Cause”. A “UNITED” revolution, and what we are hearing from thousands assembling to hear, well it is what Bernie Sanders seems to be bringing to arousal as “OUR” next challenge and alarming those still running for political cover! Not a blood & guts rock throwing fist-fight based on opinions, but a revitalization “Revolution”. First and foremost, we need a Congress that demonstrates an attitude exempt from the present religious prosecution it is subject with today – as one can readily grasp how this nation has faulted as the “separation” today finds almost a non-existence. There is an easily defined time-line coincidence wherein “Liberty and pursuit of” found a detour as it was something that could come under attack in efforts to produce blood-shed, tears and fear and we would thence come under pressure and give in. We are so close, due frustration and desperation, where “they” want us by accepting that “give in” policy! There exists preachers of power and wealth that have made it clear it is their goal to ruin “all” separation in efforts to push through an “Almighty Dirty” agenda, based not on “Freedom”, but persecution against my only “Bible” - the one signed back in 1789 by the Founding Fathers. Wow, it survived almost 200-years, but today is so under attack it makes me afraid of what it all means if we refuse to start taking back control. Yes, snake-oil has infiltrated and by using its congregational posse of hypocrites to harness money to “Forward Ho” this train-wreck, mind us we let it survive. Religion is destroying our “Freedom”, not that religion is evil, it just finds no place in government as that in itself punishes the “Constitution”. Look, “Separation” is paramount a strong nation – leave your religious beliefs at home else brace yourself for a “Holy WAR”! Bottom-line, we have a “Holy WAR” infiltrating our “Bill of Rights”. When I surmise the problems this nation faces today, it is so easy to learn the lessons not yet learned from such mistakes. Look, the originators of the “Constitution” warned of such a behavior takeover and even though that body could furnish no laws that forbid such dereliction the conviction due “Freedom of Religion”, the “Separation” was never supposed to be challenged as it is today and with that we see a destruction of our core values. Inherent in the “Constitution” was a separation clause, never to be challenged, yet it is under siege. The stalemate that we find today in getting anything accomplished finds defeat by virtue of religious tolerance in government – it just doesn't work! Never did, never will else we doom our Constitutional freedoms. We have lost the true battle when others feel it is their “duty” to rob another not only of life, but getting in the way that pursuit of liberty and happiness. Because our “Constitution” is under attack – as the truth behind treason worshipers and true terrorists are, well probably that neighbor that demonstrates a lemming trait and feels “holiness art thou”! This movement from the pulpit is the ultimate “Three Strikes” as all respect for the Constitution becomes also a target this sermon for bloodshed. Here in America, it is not only life taken away as is liberty and happiness eroded away every time another individual seeks to harm. The “Trinity” - life, liberty and pursuit - is what we own by virtue citizenship and as law abiding citizens embracing the “Constitution”. The solution is not in more “gun control”, it is in a “Revolution” where we once again embrace who we really are as a nation. The solution begins with RESPECT to the only “Bible” this nation should be excited upon – the U.S. Constitution! I don't care what your origin or nationality, it should become a law that one embraces the “Constitution” above and beyond. Said again, leave those religious beliefs at home, walk This land is your land, this land is my land” with a constitutional only conviction and the “Bravery” that will be promoted will send our “Fears” away and the perpetrators to, well “Hell”. Wait, it is already a “Law” this “Constitution”, the “Supreme Law” - and because we fear that as it does indeed find strictness, we resolve by boycotting. Yes, out of control guns and turning the school-yard playgrounds into “Killing Fields” finds a simple solution, yet we shy away from that solution – as we cannot have it both ways. It is either back to the basic “Bill of Rights” through separation and a new age respect, or else we will continue down that dead-end no turning back “Shoot-out” becoming old news – as we hear it happening some more. And the only ones to gain are those instilling fear in efforts to invite a face-off of what “Religion” shall reign after the ruins! If every American did so start to embrace the Constitution like many embrace their “false god” ideals, to study what “UNITED” means in the words of the “CONSTITUTION”, we would once again seek and find RESPECT. In fact, it should be carried like a license, carried and respected like that “Bible”, and IMAGINE if every damn hotel room desk found our “Heritage” in bold instead of Gideon? Nobody ever reads that crap stuffed in that drawer, yet replace it with the “Constitution” in print - wow, it gets the point across. Yes, all the delemnas, even with the age old argument of who's to blame finds no challenge as there is WAR upon AMERICA, fostered by – well the separation finds this misery. The geratest tool we American's have today is in RESPECT for the Constitution, as it has a trickle down effect wherein it allows US to become ONE, so “UNITED”. Yet when we retreat to assisting an evil passion, then we end up with a Congress that, well finds dis-repect a ways and means of survival. With that, we are too blame for the bloodshed, as we elect such officials to represent – well “WHO?”. When this nation decides it is time again to embrace RESPECT, then we have survived the “WAR”, and an awakening to taking back a nation powerful. RESPECT is what it takes, nothing else so simple... a “Revolution” based on nothing more!

 University of Alaska - Campus SHOOT-OUT

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