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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Zuckerberg Poll

The “Zuckerberg Poll” is probably the most sophisticated “Political Polling” instrument of our times. Secretly secluded away and administered from remote Alaska, this “Poll” designed by college students utilizes the “Brain Power” of a Cray “RED STORM” Super Computer housed at the University of Alaska - in Fairbanks. The “Zuckerberg Poll” is a predictive model that mimics sophisticated weather modeling algorithms in efforts to consume polling information from the majors, like from Gallup-Pew-Rasmussen-Quinnipiac, then proceed with number crunching in efforts to regurgitate polling numbers for the future. So NO, you won't get any annoying phone calls from Zuckerberg “pollsters”, as it relies on others doing the “dirty work”. Bravo students! Now depending on the futuristic time frame, this poll achieves an awesome TS3 average, also known by the geeks as a “Truth Serum Serious Sermon” of 99.9% - basically predicting what will occur a month in advance without error! Even though it maintains super accuracy up to several months in advance, the margin-of-error due “uncertainty” allows for limited “predictions” and to date 30-days seems to fit the modeling results without challenge. Think about what this “poll” will allow come next October, a month before the actual vote for this nation's next Commander-in-Chief? Even though it takes 5-days of calculating time for the Zuckerberg Poll to update, it can still find accuracy in predicting the future trending for political candidates. The “Poll” does not provide actual percentiles, but indices based on a “PU” factor, classified as “Per Unit” or as some collegiates like to brag about their efforts this new-age tool, “Pluribus Unum” - “Of many, ONE”. The results of the most recent re-calculations are in for the last calculation cycle, which gathered data from September 1st through the 23rd, and here is what the Zuckerberg Poll predicts for the month of October:

All GOP & DNC candidates remain “stable” in polling numbers except Hillary Clinton. By this time next month, her present day front running status of 53 craters to 25. Since the predictive model's behavior takes into account many factors, this drop is bothersome, as it could be due an unforeseen health issue or other troubles ahead for the 1st lady trying to become the real 1st lady. But the “RED STORM” is predicting something that may take Hillary out of the running. It is noted that on October 22nd Mrs. Clinton will testify before the Benghazi committee chaired by Trey Gowdy. Since the outcome of this testifying is un-predictable, one can only presume that the committee has concluded its “Witch-Hunt”!

Red Storm is a high performance parallel processing computer consisting of the “Brain Power” of 26000 PCs, or in computer language capable of 200 “Tera-flops”, which means it could generate an Excel “Spreadsheet” 5x5-miles long and “Recalculate” all cells within 1-second! The “RED STORM” utilizes an operating system called “Cougar”.

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