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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Pious Plaintiff

Pontiff? Plaintiff? So I listened to Pope Francis' “Congressional Report Card” speech, in Italian-broken-Latin as it brought back memories of my youth when the Roman Catholic nuns would beat the shat out of us because we wanted “English Only”. Anyway, two things of interest came from that “Pious” speech allowed in the House & Senate chambers. Sembra I'odore di un Netanyahu di puzzola, quello che c'e qua”. And as translated in “English”: This place reeks the lingering odor of a Benjamin Netanyahu “skunk”. And several times during this historic debut before the “Do Nothing Congress”, the Pope insisted on fare guerra, la lotta contro la davisutoita organizzata”. Yes, as interpreted a time to engage in a FatWar against religious freaks like Kim Davis! Now these words of wisdom speak wisely and we should listen up! Sure “Our Congress” will never be the same ever since Netanyahu was allowed to defecate on our sovereignty, so that rotten odor of a skunk-in-heat will be a forever stain the Halls of Congress. Yes, John Boehner should have been held in contempt of the U.S. Constitution when he sent out such an invite, an invite for a murderer to “OUR” precious chambers no more! But Congress, well it gives not a rat's ass so invites rats to dish out more political disease. And now that Kim Davis has tested the waters to see just how far the Fedreal will go to circumvent a “religious excuse”, well Francis is reading the writing on the wall here in America, as precedence has been set that Uncle Sam has no qualms sending individuals to prison if they violate the “equality clause” in the Constitution based on religious beliefs. Bravo, it is about time the “Constitution” fought back the gains that religious zealots have fashioned and promoted with their own personal desires as “God Like” upon our “Freedoms”! I praise Fedreal Judge Bunning, as it was getting too close for comfort this take-over by snake-oil ministers bent on banning all equality beyond the “White in their Eyes”! See, the separation between “state & church” has been purposely eroded by the pulpit, from all denominations as a means to try and take over “government” for religious reasons not inherently fit for a democratic society. It is the greatest of threats and nothing shy a “Silent WAR” upon our “Constitution”. We cannot have it both ways, as government interferes with religious beliefs and religious beliefs interfere with government. It is that simple, you don't mix some things as the end result can be disastrous. And here is my take on “Church”. First and foremost, the “Bible” is a weather beaten instrument, smells of mold and should be destroyed as it no longer serves any useful purpose. It does not fit “Modern Man” by any stretch of the imagination. Look, we continue to re-write the “Book of Science” based on discoveries made possible through the modern thought process. And look at what that has provided for mankind – miracles Salomon! Religion is no damn different, as the “thought” process changes over time, as we are humans and over time see things differently – it's called evolution and the way the Creator intended! And secondly, religious freedom is about the only “Privacy Right” that is talked about in “Our Constitution”. And it means this, “Privacy and Freedom of Religion” in one's home, not in public, not by gathering in a “Tax-Free” church...that, well smells like the House after it was attacked by zealots. Religion should be a stay-at-home act of contrition not contradiction, as in the end it will be the only safe haven our individual beliefs in a “Creator” maintains some semblance of “Freedom”. If we left each morning our “chapels” - our homes – with the realization that is where the separation begins, we would find a society better, instead of this “Goon God” many think can be turned on every Sunday at worship while ministers fashion hate upon our brothers & sisters different. Yes, it is hate from the pulpit and the same thing that Ynet & Kimbosis contribute to society with their lunacy, and every day that “Church” gets closer to that “Foundation” that defines our “Constitutional” fortitude, one day we may wake-up and be confronted by... crusader like death squads killing our LGBT community, as this was also once a practice found in that “Bible”! Wake up humans, as it is time to re-think what was thought about way too long ago – God created “man & woman” out of “LOVE”, not hatred and the “Bible” of most denominations are just a fancy form of a “Fatwa” upon “PEACE”. Give the latter a chance, what's wrong with that? Honestly, for those that believe in any “GOD”, try leaving your beliefs at home instead of a sacrilegious “take-out” agenda and when in the security of that home, then preach your beliefs and realize what that “Constitution” provides as a safe haven one's religious “Freedoms”. But when you hear that door close when leaving that home, realize that the “separation” is all too important upon the survival of “OUR” Constitution. And now that we see the Fedreal beginning to realize a “Separation” is paramount this nation's survival, best we help fortify that “ZONE”, else enjoy incarceration! The “CONSTITUTION” at work...and if it comes to “WAR” between that “Constitution” single and the numerous “Bibles”, don't count on a “Bill of Rights” crucifixion. Yet be assured that upon retreat one's insurrection, your home will still be that safe haven your religious beliefs as the “Constution” knows all about “Separation” and when to defend and when to admire!

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