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Thursday, September 17, 2015


The Hillary Clinton camp has hired actress Emily Blunt to consult the one-time presedential front-runner - now honeslty tanking in the polls due dishonesty - on “citizenship” questions, in preparation for the upcoming DNC candidates debate...or was it for an introductory offer when Hillary appears before the Congress, with respect to her Benghazi “lia me” subonea? According to the Brittish actor: “I became an American citizen recently, and that night I thought, this was a terrible mistake. What have I done?” And Jeb Bush thinks the $10 “E pluribus unum” should have the mugshot of Margaret Thatcher? No wonder Trump is “Trumping” the race. In all honesty, are there “We the People” that want to replace “Hamilton”? OK, here is my take. Sure we can mugshot the Brittish Madame, as long as the Blokes re-issue their £10 with “Sarah Palin” and replace “I Promise” with “I GOTCHA”!

England's not the mythical land of Madame George and roses
It's the home of police who kill black boys on mopeds
And I love my boy and that's why I'm leaving
I don't want him to be aware that there's
Any such thing as grieving
- Sinead

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