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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Merry Go 'Round

Here we go again, more scientific “Merry Go 'Rounding"! So scientists - a.k.a. two-armed leeches - continue to make a career from Fedreal funding to study the effects of Alaskan oil on juvenile fish in PWS – well some have almost made it through retirement performing this blood sucking ritual. What did you do for a living? Nothing...Look, oil kills, I learned that while working for “Big Oil” in Alaska and the main reason we did everything possible to make sure the Joe Hazelwoods stayed row boat captains instead of gaining control the helm of mighty ships. OK, Joe was asleep at the wheel when his tanker ran “Hard Aground” on Bligh Reef back in 89. But some 26-years after Joe finished his “Community Service” for spilling a boat-load of BETX - a toxic concoction called “Crude Oil” - some scientists are still trying to prove the point that it was “North Slope” oil that killed off the herring population, which is the food chain for many other fish and mammals. I lived in Valdez when rumors started floating around about the herring crash, a year before Joe hit the reef. And a few of us “in-the-know” understand the “possible” reason why the herring population started to die off – it's called “NORM”. No not the guy from Cheers, but the nickname for “Naturally Occurring Radioactive Matter”, an out-of-sight out-of-mind byproduct of oil exploitation. During the “heyday” when oil was streaming down the mountain slopes from the North Slope at 2-million barrels a day, some of that stuff reaching the Alyeska Pipeline Terminal was water laced with radioactive constituents, stuff that finds no regulations even today. Why? For the most part it is found around oil development in minute concentrations, but when you have a gigantic pipeline that once found a way to make money by shipping water, there comes “fallout”. See, the oil meters up north were stiffed to recognize a portion of that water as “oil” - ch-ching! When it arrived in Valdez, well that water was neutralized according to the EPA rules & regulations in the BWT facility then discharged into the Valdez Bay of Prince William Sound. Gone was the majority of cancer causing BETX – benzene with ethylene with toluene & xylene - maybe trace amounts that would evaporate before long and find no adverse effects on the juvenile herring that found safe haven in the “Sound” away from killer whale clans. But when that “NORM” water mixed with the brackish water, the radioactive nuclides went released, and that is why herring and halibut started showing signs of tumors. And within a few years after the “water rush” the herring population was crashing, but nobody knew why. It was like swimming through an X-ray machine. Of course that is why the EXXON Valdez was sent on a controlled “crash course”, just ask Charles Hamel, as he may have been behind the crash – in efforts to save his ass as he was trying to break into the lucrative “water” transportation business. Yes, water was making $millions$ for “Big Oil”, so Hamel – who was an oil broker by trade – wanted in on the action. When “Big Oil” discovered on its own the effects of NORM because we were finding double-headed octopuses around the BWT outfall, it was about to come clean with the evidence and had already begun making sure “water” was no longer shipped south from Prudhoe Bay. But that message public would have sent Hamel's escapades into legal limbo – so his only recourse was of course to find disgruntled individuals to sabotage the EXXON Valdez, and on March 24 we learned that Hamel was successful. May he rest in peace, so maybe it is time enough gone by for the “TRUTH”. But we can't stand the “TRUTH” and even with all the evidence I have that points a finger to “Al” as the navigator saboteur, imagine if evidence surfaced that tried to exonerate EXXON over Hamel, the “Environmental Gadfly”? And until such time the truth finds recognition and not a “conspiracy” theory, we will find the scientific community taking advantage of the deep pockets and we will never find the “Truth” of how and why Joe's tanker ran “Hard Aground” on Bligh Reef some 26-years ago. Yet lets continue to blame EXXON, for stuff that happened before...

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