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Thursday, September 24, 2015

White Trash Award

Not only did Alaska bring home the award with a glamorous title for the highest altitude “Public Crapper” on this earth, but it appears the 49er has distinguished itself in the honors of “White Trash”! I am talking the “Billy Brown Family”, those idiots that perpetrate a crime spree in efforts to keep their “Reality TV” show in the ratings – as Americans seem to enjoy watching “criminals” at work from the comforts of their living rooms – ant-piss Budweiser in one hand, loaded weapon in the other. At least that keeps the addicted viewers pee-occupied away from sex, as we sure don't want anymore off-springs that un-distinguished DNA! Sidebar: Kim Davis is a “RETARD! Anyway, just the other day the entire “Brownian Bowel Motion” went caught red-handed again, by falsifying the “personal use” application for a sport fishing license. See, for some reason the family's “innocent until proven guilty” plea is buying them time outside the bars of “Felonyville” for PFD fraud and with “Freedom” still, they are continuing to break the law. In the world of “Reality TV”, crime does indeed “pay”! It must be in the Hollywood “script”, a call for “Dishonesty”. Honestly, I hope that show wins an “Emmy Enema” and the entire family shows up for the celebrity event – imagine Ham-Ram and Dick Cloud on the “Red Carpet” with Clint Eastwood. Now wait just a darn minute! They live in the “deep dark bush” according to the broadcast, so wherein hell did the cops come from to catch them in the act of defecating on our wilderness? Damn, looks like a well maintained road right to their front door. And are those electric wires overhead that backyard? Damn, looks like a Dish TV hanging on the side of their sugar-shack and a garbage heap with a bunch of pizza take-outs. So here is what goes down, as the entire family will be behind bars come the “Trial” for PFD fraud...right after Christmas! Because of the families celebrity, justice gets a sobriety quiet time. Hey, did they apply this year for that $2072 bonanza, wouldn't that be the “Litmus Test”? But this is the “trash” attraction that sells, pre-meditated “crap” and the reason Palin's “Reality” didn't make it - as she was honest on episode “UNO” that she didn't know how to hunt and the ratings tanked and Ted Nugent then transvestited himself to take over. With Sarah it was time to quit as honesty doesn't sell “Reality”, and elderly people that have been sucker-punched into believing this stuff aired is “True Alaskan”, well they should file a class-action lawsuit against the advertisers - as it is not free speech but free sabotage of our intelligence. OK, we are free to choose what we...but “White Trash” pollutes. Highest altitude “Public Crapper”? Yes indeed, because “them thar hills” around the Ruth Glacier Amphitheater are covered with human shit because Denial climbers think their shit don't stink and with that sentiment that frozen turds don't run downhill, well Uncle Sam had to deploy a high-altitude latrine – courtesy the U.S. Taxpayers. In fact, it was a slap-in-the-face sacrilege upon the Native Alaskans to re-name the tallest mountain “Denali”, as the “Great One” is a heap of frozen shit! The “crap” littered around the mountain's base-camp, well it is no different then what the “Brown Family” gets away with, shit here, shit there, shit everywhere as nobody that gives a Bush Rat's ass is watching! Look, dogs have better manners then most of those climbers, so maybe it is altitude sickness. Or “culpable mental state” no different then what we see coming from the assholes of the Brown Family, no excuse accept the fact they have an audience that seems to like watching our wilderness heritage get “Trashed”. Here is my take on the entire “Brown Family” crime scene totaling 60-felony convictions – or in jail time, life without parole! Don't waste the intellect of a jury, don't waste the time and efforts of the justice system in efforts to prove that a crime was committed, which may lead to jail time and we are the ones that suffer, as we must pay for the incarceration. Instead, make the Brown Family admit they committed a crime on national TV, that they mislead the “We the 49ers” and pay back what was stolen from the citizens of Alaska through that “Fraud” along with televised “Community Service” broadcasting the entire family picking up that mountain “crap”! Then when the couch potatoes realize this is a family of primal perverts, then maybe they will look outside and realize for once, well the reason people shit on society!

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