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Monday, September 14, 2015

Pigslide Procession

I always held some respect for Elijah Cummings, but this long hot summer has made me find a change of heart his once like character Martin Luther King charisma. Sad that I should feel this way, but the facts are not fiction. OK, so his main objective is to protect the DNC front runner, and so unfair and unfortunate for Elijah, as that means protecting Hillary Clinton's White House fantasy. But the scorecard fascinates what is going on in Clinton's struggle to maintain keeping a straight...well look at that “face”! Thanks Donald! Even today with all the struggles facing the American Dream reality, Hillary's “On the Road Again” facial expressions show little evidence of sincerity or honesty, with that smirk like smile coming from...well she is no longer the front runner and it appears that Bernie Sanders is ahead in the race through reputation alone. Bernie is a proclaimed “Socialist Democrat”, and pulling ahead of Hillary for the 2016 challenge? Maybe cause for concern is that Hillary Clinton's “Trust Me” expression, well it worn out its welcome a long time ago and retirement would have been best for the Clintons, instead of a horror show extravaganza that was deployed from the Clinton camp with “I'm Running”. Maybe she meant from the “Lawman”. Hillary has also conveniently changed her rhyme and reason over the “Private Server” follies, the excuses that fit her unseaworthiness rating of 61% - a random sample of registered democrats! Egad Elijah, there has come a shell-shock shot across the bow! So, it appears Hillary is going down for the count and also taking down “Great Men” once of honor, and it won't end with Elijah as I fear that attack may find Barack Obama also a victim. It will be sad, the possibility that towards the end of a brilliant presidency Hillary Clinton will maintain her “Not Guilty” pose and take down Obama, take down the legacy of a great statesmen. We don't deserve this, but that is what I fear most, retribution fallout. Remember, Hillary is Bill's “Stand By Your Man”, and he was impeached by this “Union” so the family, well the trio of Bill & Hillary & Chelsea seem to hold these truths to be self-evident” that they give not a rat's ass about America! So come October 22nd – the day of reckoning wherein Hillary herself will invoke her 5th Amendment Right by not telling the truth before the Benghazi Congress - maybe by then Elijah's trust relationship will have wanned and we will see justice served and the Constitution prevail. So what's my point? Americans deserve the “Truth”. Not just American spirited democrats, but across the isle we need to seek and harness the truth in this matter, else we are even more divided and, well that division can only weaken that “Constitution” and chastise this “Union”. But the scorecard reveals times will be tough for Hillary, and if image was not what it is all about for the Clintons, she would have already resigned her presidential fantasy. Just yesterday, the Justice Department deemed it reasonable and within the law for Hillary to erase any non-government e-mails from the private server used while in the capacity of Secretary of State, basically giving privacy protection to Hillary for “personal data” that didn't involve any definition under “Custodian” with respect to government records. I am OK with that privilege, as every citizen should enjoy some semblance of “privacy”, as long as that privilege under the “Constitution” doesn't interfere with what should be considered “Public Records” for reasons of government transparency. We as Americans have the 1st and 2nd Amendment Rights for protection, and along with that is the Freedom of Information Act – without the latter tool, we would have communism! So the fact that Hillary may have demonstrated a willingness to violate the “Act” by destroying government documents – well it borders on treason and espionage – but we will never see any thing close that involvement, yet there exists substitute enforcements to challenge what really went on in  the Chappaqua dungeon! So when Hillary's “Servant” invoked the 5th on the same day that the lawman gave Hillary permission to erase stuff not of public interest, well things are starting to tighten up and reveal what may be devastating evidence of a cover-up. Taking the 5th is serious business, what you see on TV does not come close to exposing what it means to exercise this “Right”. Then Hillary's servant maintained through his attorney of record that it was an embarrassment for Mr. Pigliano to appear for the Congressional committee to actually invoke his keep silent privilege? What kind of patsy is this guy? Well, seems intimidated by simple due process and if he was working for Bill & Hillary, well intimidation is sad to the side effects it can have on human reasonableness and self inflicted responsibility. NO, don't do as they say...It means this guy may have been powerless and followed every command that came from the Clinton camp, it is that simple. Look, “Great Men” have come before the Congress, not with some sad-ass excuse but with “pride” in invoking that privilege to protect oneself against self-incrimination. In this case, well I am lost for words when justice seems to be prevailing, as the Benghazi committee seems to be getting to the bottom of what went on and placing heavy emphasis on the “Server” - as the mouth-piece of what actually went on during Hillary's time at the Department of State. She was campaigning! And today we heard that the evidence may still be intact, that the “server” data once thought to have been erased may have been rescued! So why is the “Server” so important this issue? Well it is well known that the “Server” was supposedly wiped clean, and at the beginning of this “Hot Town Summer in the City” campaigning, Hillary used it as a comic relief ice-breaking moment when out on the trail-of-tears, mocking the “wiping” with a cloth to her brow, hot summer's day relief. Sure the crowds were pleased and laughed away with disrespect what Congress is performing as part of its duty, buy why for as it is not a laughing matter, as there are rules and regulations that were in effect to protect America from this kind of flamboyant and lackadaisical attitude. When Hillary added to her earlier excuses that she destroyed nothing - remember now she is a “perfect wife” - government stuff that was “confidential at the time”, she sounded out just like Bill when he came before the “Citizenry” and cowardly excused his relationship with Monica: “I did not have sex with that women”, as a “hum-dinner” was outside of Bill's definition of “Sex”. And likewise, it appears Hillary is also using a lame excuse, for what appears to be pre-meditated excuses after-the-fact. It worked for Bill, so it appears Hillary continues to receive coaching from spousal abuser Saint Bill. So in Simple Simon math, Hillary's “server” has pleaded the 5th – most likely due the fact he was the person tasked with “wiping” the disk clean – not just erasing Hillary's personal data, but a clean sweep of all data bits and any fragments of the imagination. But being an “amateur”, he didn't realize how to perform the task without error. Erasing e-mails still leaves a data-bit trail, so we have the evidence that will either exonerate Hillary, or send her dreams to the Clinton "Darkest-Day" Closet. And one must also realize that pleading the 5th Amendment Right covers capital or "infamous crimes”, and the latter is defined as felony time wherein the penitentiary home-bounds an individual for time over a year. So why would an individual affiliated with Hillary as a “Servant” invoke such if there was nothing done wrong? Because, documents have been destroyed, or an attempt was made to fulfill that obligation - it is that simple. And since it was such a close-knit posse, well who gave the command to make sure the “Server” was sanitized? It was either Bill, Hillary maybe Chelsea as it wouldn't surprise me if Mr. & Mrs. found it convenient to throw daughter dearest under that out-of-control Bozo Nose Bus. So herein is where the problem for the Clinton clan rests its case, well infamous it is. According to “Public Law” in effect today: Any custodian of a public record who "willfully and unlawfully conceals, removes, mutilates, obliterates, falsifies, or destroys (any record) shall be fined not more than $2,000 or imprisoned not more than three years, or both; and shall forfeit his office and be disqualified from holding any office under the United States. Of record, Hillary was the chief “Record Custodian” all documents before the Department of State – as part of her sworn to oath duty. So the fact that a violation of this “Law” can demand time in a penitentiary, well that is the reason Mr. Pigliano invoked the “Loose Lips Sinks Ships” doctrine – a run-for-cover attempt. Since he was on the State Deportment payroll, and moon-lighting for Bill & Hillary, well he cannot dodge the fact by claiming he didn't understand the law. And since Hillary was under oath, she has no excuse either. Said again this is a simple case. If Mr. Server did indeed “destroy” government information, then he will do time, but is most likely looking for a flea bargain basement plea bargain – the reason any immunity possibility has been turned over to the FBI, through Trey Gowdy who heads up the Benghazi. See, it is not a witchcraft-hunt with this committee, as Elijah has eluded upon, it is serious business. But for those democrats who are stuck on image over true democracy, well they have waited a lifetime for Hillary to run for the presidency, and with what is going on and turning their “I Have a Wet Dream” to an infamous crime scene, well I am sure October 22nd is one day Hillary hopes never survives....IMAGINE, waking up on October 23rd with the realization that, well Hillary was “disqualified from holding any office under the United States a True Justice SERVVER!

But you’re gonna have to serve somebody, yes indeed
You’re gonna have to serve somebody
Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord
But you’re gonna have to serve somebody -

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