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Monday, July 4, 2016

Time for States' Rights?

The following "Executive Order Request" was filed before the governor of the State of Alaska, on July 4th, 2016. The intent is to start a "State's Right" nation-wide movement, that which denies Hillary Rodham Clinton's name from appearing on any U.S. Presidential ballot, due her ignorance in following the rules and regulation as promulgated under the U.S. Constitution.

To:     Honorable Bill Walker
            Governor for the State of Alaska
From:           John & Jane Doe 1 through 10000
Subject: Request for Consideration for Executive Order - Banning Hillary Rodham Clinton's name from appearing on any State of Alaska Ballot for President of the United States, now and forever.
Date: July 4th, 2016

Dear Honorable Bill Walker;
It is with this correspondence, a request for action through your executive authority  to deliberate and find cause for such action under such authority, such action through an Executive Order that restores order, by denying that Hillary Rodham Clinton's name appear on any state ballot for the Office of the United States Presidency - now and forever. Case in Point: Hillary Rodham Clinton has pled guilty, admitted some semblance of guilt through numerous time tested assurances to the public, a violation under 18 USC 2071. A report from the State Department's Inspector General also finds evidence a violation under this "Code", by Hillary Rodham Clinton. The U.S. Government is investigating these violations through the investigative branch of the FBI, but may be unable to reach a consensus for sentencing Mrs. Clinton under such act due circumstances beyond the government's control - namely political. Even though the latter circumstances may serve to thwart justice by justice not being served, it may be up to the States of the Union to individually try, or deny, for such violations. A violation of 18 USC 2071 finds an individual "Disqualified form holding any office under the United States", this includes the office of the U.S. President. An EO is required through the states, acting in the capacity of "State's Rights", as to allow Hillary Rodham Clinton no sentencing a violation this act in her capacity as Secretary of State, it sets a precedence that could adversely affect the culture those dealing with the Federal government. This action is needed, as if the Federal government cannot promote a policy with ramifications when violations occur, then it is up to the states to reign in on such demonstrated dereliction, in efforts at preserving the dignity and sovereignty of the states, including Alaska. We should not and cannot allow a perpetrator, we cannot condone a violation under 18 USC 2071 with leniency, especially if running for the position as Commander-in-Chief. Said again, when we find that the United States Government is derelict in its orchestrating sentencing for violations, we must resort to order through the states - and that power rests with the governor. Any denial this request could set precedence that could find and allow irreparable damage. Please take this request under serious consideration and sign an Executive Order that bans Hillary Rodham Clinton's name from appearing on the State of Alaska "Presidential Ballot" for 2016 and/or any future appearances, for a violation under 18 USC 2071 - as this would demonstrate the intent of the law, a "Disqualification" on the state level, which you Sir have control upon, and a duty.

With all due respect, submitted by S. Pam McGee for John & Jane Doe 1 through 10000.

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