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Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Price of Extremely Careless

It was a Sucker Punch, landed with a blow that seems to have affected us all, still dizzy after all these years, seeing double this jeopardy. So, Hillary Clinton was "Extremely Careless", but not to the point that a "Reasonable Prosecutor" could prove beyond a doubt, some guilt consistent within the criminal arena - a.k.a. cell block OJ. OK, I have talked to 1000 prosecutors that laugh at this comedy from the FBI chief. Anyway, it stems from the "Reasonable Person" doctrine that lawyers learn about in that 1st day in the classroom, so it appears FBI Comey was not absent kindergarten, but out for recess during his jurisprudence college tour. Just like Congress, recess! Accordingly: Reasonable Person Doctrine - A phrase frequently used in the courts to denote a hypothetical person in society who exercises average care, skill, and judgment in conduct and who serves as a competent standard for determining liability with negligence. No, Bill Clinton does not fit the mold, but may have been used as a treaty to exonerate his abused wife - John Deutch ring a bell of guilt? Anyway, in reality the FBI finding Hillary was "Extremely Careless" will bring her "Still NOT Trustworthy After All These Years" effort to the hilt and she will never become this nation's...maybe Commander-in-Thief! So, on the 4th of July a news' hound still "free" went unbiased and offered up a "Test", to see how Constitutional savvy we really are. Questions like how many Senators many members of Congress many terms for a president...things of that nature. I passed, so it said I was eligible as an immigrant. I was born here. So here is the "True Patriotic Test", and if Hillary can pass it, I rest my case and support her carelessness. It cost the U.S. Taxpayers nearly $15-million for the FBI to investigate the "Private Server", and in the end we ended up with, well the price of carelessness should not be a burden on our kids. So, Hillary is worth $32-Million. By agreeing to pay back the United States "Citizens" for her "Private" shenanigans, that is the True Test of Patriotism. Pay up, or my vote will be...well, "Extremely Careless". I guess we could call it mere "negligence", but I think in Hillary's case it is more in line to un-patriotic behavior, so NO never my vote. And the next time the IRS knocks on your door, just tell them your late tax payment was merely, "Extreme Carelessness", as today we all have a "Get Out of Jail Free", thanks to Hillary. So yes indeed, this was the "Sucker Punch", a greater harm then any indictment could have done, as any criminal citation would have burdened the system even more and today, well her credibility is like that of her husband's romances, as that too was merely "Extreme Carelessness" - the Clinton "Trademark".
"I Extremely Careless, so what!"

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