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Sunday, July 17, 2016

$MILLION$ Buck Challenge

Your Hired!  Imagine what freedom, if all of a sudden you were in the line-up for a $Million$ Uncle Buck reward! Yes indeed, as riches awaits any honorable, distinguishable or not Internal Revenue Service agent that can deliver to me the Income Tax reports for Donald John Trump - 2000 through 2015. Look, precedence has been set, nothing is confidential even if "marked" so and if you get caught delivering the goods for the "good" of this nation, just claim "Extreme Carelessness".  Not only will you bath in luxury with the bounty, you will be recognized as a "National Hero", with invites to interviews on FOX-CNN-MSNBC and maybe a role in a new documentary by Mr. Moore, called the "Trumpeter Swine". So any able bodied IRS agent that wants to make sure this nation is not corrupted by individuals that have made every attempt to screw over the merits behind the income taxation upon earned income, remember this troubling fact not fiction. Trump would have been the candidate of choice Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols. And I also have another handsome ransom awaiting as a challenge dumpster diving expedition. Any governor of the brotherhood of the Republican Governors Association that signs an executive order banning Hillary Rodham Clinton's namesake from appearing on the November 2016 ballot, due "Disqualified" for numerous violations of Federal law wherein the G-Men are too damn lame and inept to confront her with such violations and appropriate sanctions, well that challenge will be rewarded by an award of untraceable re-election money. That's right, loot which will be funneled to the "War Chest" of those that see too it Clinton's name does not appear on any state ballot and she can survive a run at the office merely as a write-in candidate - which makes it all legal as no laws will be broken. Yes, this loot is made available in efforts to sabotage both candidates run for the 45th President of the United States, even if it means that on January 20th next year a vacancy, wherein Paul Ryan and Orin Hatch succeed Obama and Biden for the interim until such time we have candidates that represent the Constitutional powers over Constipational promises. As when this is all we have, a crazed man that refuses to show us his tax returns because he most likely manipulated every damn loophole and pays a big fat "zero" for his riches, along with an "extremely careless" brat that doesn't understand the law we all must abide by in efforts to secure the future for our sons and daughters, we must act as a whistle-blowing militia and take matters unto our own "We hold these truths to be self-evident" with respect to our life, liberty and pursuit of happiness heritage. So, I make this duality  challenge, upon any IRS agent and dedicated GOP governor in good standing his or her state to take action, as the nation cannot survive without your intervention, wrong or right. And as you collect that reward, those bounty "bucks", you can be singing the sweet sound of success: "They're gonna put me in the movies, they're gonna make a big star out of me..."is yours for taking action as it is monumental and deserves recognition those willing to disrupt a movement that if not stopped will disrupt the Constitution and our Founding Father's conviction.

"Shove this up your Income Tax Dress Code"
Donald John Trump
The "Loophole KING"

Tim McVeigh - "Trump's Me Man"

"Shove these up your Carelessness Dress Code"
Hillary Rodham Clinton
The "Extreme Careless QUEEN"

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