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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

* MelaniaVIRUS ALERT *

As was reported earlier: 11 sickened by NoroVIRUS outbreak at Republican National Convention. According to the CDC, it was the MelaniaVIRUS, not the Noro and an ALERT correction requested. Wow, and the Melania Trump plagiarizing speech writers have been identified. Both are prison inmates that are part of Trump's re-habilitation program called "In the Pen, Take to the Pen":

RNC Speech Writers Under Heat for "Plagiarizing"

But the best explosive diarrhea of the mouth came from notorious Obama hater Mayor Giuliani. He was quoted as saying Donald John Trump is like Ronald Reagan? Dear Orangejuliusani, Ronald Reagan was an actor, a good actor, not an auditioning "Monkey Man" imbecile.

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