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Saturday, July 2, 2016

American IQ

Here it is, the 4th of July and "We the People" are swindle busted again! What a disgrace, as this is truly Un-American, please pass the sweet-corn! I am talking the American IQ under duress once again, as the Clinton's just pulled the wool again, and again, and again and again. "Good morning America how are ya", I am a native son but have been cast head-first into the son-of-a-bitch cesspool, into believing the meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch was a coincidence, please pass the potato salad. Mind my manners talking while chewing, the Attorney General of the United States was set-up, as the Clinton's have been setting up the Obama administration since inception of the "Homebrew Server". This meeting was not a coincidence by any stretch of the imagination, it was a carefully planned maneuver in efforts to "shat" on the American justice system some more. Watermelon, no thanks! See, castrate the investigation, pollute the investigatory effort, that was the reason this interference by Bill - in efforts to cast doubt upon the Obama administration, as it is all the Clinton's have left - Hail Mary interference. See, it had to be a "Hillary for 2016" plot in front of America's very own eyes. Else it would not have worked, as a phone call doesn't get the fan fare fascination that was required this type of hype plan to heist decency, to be able to boycott any recommendation that comes from the Justice over what Hillary was up too with the use of a dildo dial tone phone, giving Uba an ear-full, whatever her name for saken. Yes, the Bill & Hillary show knows what's at stake, as it is only Obama that holds the "Deck of Thrones" with the "Get Out of Jail Free" card, and I have a feeling that Hillary has not earned such a release as Obama is not stupid. See, it boils down to this. Bill was spying on Hillary, as he had access to her private parts which means Bill was spying on the SOS. Bill and Hillary, a remake of the Rosenberg conspiracy! OK, not that bad but bad enough Bill & Hillary should retire to Area 51. But today we have been given the opportunity once again to test our American IQ, thinking this was not a planned attack upon the decency of the Obama administration. The Clinton's have nothing to lose throwing Obama under their Bozo bus mentality. Anybody, any American that believes this was not a planned attempt to belittle Loretta Lynch and the Justice Department, well please take a bow, as your IQ is nothing short a bowel movement. I would wager my 4th of July over-time pay that the Clinton lawyers have already penned an objection to whatever the Justice Department recommends, as a ways and means to delay any bounty hunter trying to get a subpoena to Hillary. Desperadoes waiting on a plane? Let's hope so, ConAir! Wow it's official, Hillary enjoying 4th at her Chappaqua home, answering to the FBI, where the "Private Server" was located - scene of the crime! And soon we will hear, "Not Guilty" as "We the People" are no longer served, but screwed over, which means the time for "Revolution" is at hand, please pass the mustard!


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