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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Clinton "Thread"

Wow, can it still be true? A few weeks ago we stood in awe as FBI director James Comey read off what appeared to be an indictment targeting Hillary Rodham Clinton. Then in the end of his testimony on what the FBI had discovered investigating the Clinton "Private Server", he throws in the towel and came closure to the $7-million dollar blunder. And those that worked on this case had to understand a "gag order". No indictment, just a reference to Hillary's "Extreme Carelessness" when operating through a "Private" net-work supposedly unknown by the State Department - when Hillary was acting Secretary. So what happened in the face of enough evidence to indict that ham sandwich? Simple, the G-Men had to retreat, due the fact they had been spying on the Clinton's and had infiltrated the "Server" and knew all that was going on - and never stopped it. This G-Men espionage had been going on for some time, the reason the FBI was able to re-create the supposedly "wiped" server, as copies of all transactions in and out of the Chappaqua server were being archived. They had the goods already. Why any indictment went south even with circumstantial evidence of violations, well even J. Edgar Hoover cannot infringe on the rights of citizens. Not in this day and age unless there is a "Tread" that such activities pose a harm. It was a "Private Server", hands off! See, Clinton's IT guru Pagliano was a spy for the G-Men, and this stake-out of the Clinton's had been going on, as Uncle Sam was following Bill's fingerprints and affiliation to the questionable Bill with Hillary with Chelsea charitable foundation. So we got caught red-handed violating a U.S. citizens "privacy" - BUSTED! That is why Hillary has laughed down this entire fiasco, she knew damn well that if an indictment, that an appeal would have opened up a can of worms and sent many government employees to Sing Sing. It wasn't Putin or Guccifer that hacked into Bill & Hillary's lifestyle, it was Uncle Sam. That is the same reason Jeffery Epstein got off the hook, as the Clinton's now hold us hostage. Imagine, if the world found out that the U.S. Government spied on its own ex-presidents? So "Ace in the Hole", you botchya. More to come.

"I Have Been Violated"

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