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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Jill Stein Still Green

Now that Bernie Sanders has been called out at home-plate at the bottom of the 9th by an umpire in bed with the Clinton's, I am casting my vote for the "Green Party", namely Jill Stein. And "but for" a signal reason all salt-of-the-earth middle-class bread winners should find a similar conviction. If you are raising a family, take note. Yes, a conviction to vote in an individual that is in it for US. Jill has set a mandate that as the 45th President, by the year 2030 the United States be 100% "Green Energy". California is well on its way to reaching this goal, as are other states taking note and investing an interest as it is paying off big time. Why so? Because of a single fact, it creates thousands of jobs and with a depressed oil price still bothering Tony the Tiger, many seasoned workers of all trades are now transitioning to "SOLAR". I witnessed this migration in southern California wherein oil rough-necks from the Bakersfield jumped ship, in Texas also this mutiny away from the "Black Gold"  - wherein once upon a time any talk of "Solar" in the "Lone Star" was in line to the distrust the subject of Jade Helm! Due the amount of work, the solar industry is having a tough time finding workers, and the projects keep coming and are getting bigger and bigger. A year ago, the common size for a solar site was 20000000 watts - enough electricity to energize 13000 middle-class homes. Today, we are talking a 4-fold increase, upwards 100000000 watts to power 50-thousand neighborhood homes, generated by the sun! There are hundreds of projects on the drawing boards, in the permitting stages, already providing equal opportunity employment. From truck drivers, to welders, electricians, weather men - you name it as this infrastructure takes a lot of it all. This infrastructure is intense, unlike conventional fossil fueled power plants, the foot-print is much larger, which means it takes extensive amounts of equipment to extract energy from the sun. From ground work, to mechanical considerations, to electrical hook-ups and then some. It creates jobs in all the disciplines. And because it is generally build at remote locations in efforts to support the grid, it provides work where work has been missing for a long, long time. And because of such interest, the technologies are advancing overnight, invigorating the "Mother of Invention" like we have not seen since the space race necessity. Yes, from the younger hi-tech gurus to "Grumpy Old Men" like electricians, a new work frontier has emerged. Look, manufacturing will never come back to this nation wherein it benefits the employment ranks, as we cannot compete labor cost wise with other cheap-skate nations, and things are moving towards "robotics" anyway. So even if we did have an opportunity or willingness to bring back the production lines, it doesn't create jobs. So what the presidential hopefuls on the "Left" & "Right" are telling you, it ain't going to happen with respect to manufacturing jobs. So, based on the fact that Jill has targeted the "Green Energy" here in the homeland as a goal, this will create jobs for so many that it will then invite new modes of transportation, new industries and promote sustainable growth right here in the Homeland - the reason after 12-years the only thing the bipartisan Congress would agree on is extending the "Sunshine" tax credit, as the momentum behind a self-sustaining infrastructure, which is here to stay. Yes, Congress has seen the benefit in "Solar", as it creates jobs, which makes people happy and they keep that cushion office! Maybe this movement is finally taking hold, in comes the new and out goes the "Greed Energy". Time to vote "GREEN", if you care about your sons and daughters "FUTURE".

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