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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Warren Commission Report

Elizabeth Warren remains in the limelight with Hillary Clinton, for a reason. See, Warren would never meet the mustard as a true running companion with Hillary, just too wicked a chemistry between them gals, smells like a "road kill" skunk in heat. But soon enough, Hillary will be facing the sentencing under a violation upon 18 USC 2071, which finds as punishment "Disqualified from holding any office under the United States". So, stick with Warren and commission her to take over when the gavel falls, wherein Hillary will be allowed to work for Warren as an independent consultant, yes, Warren's closest assistant. So, there is a method of madness this partnership. As when Hillary is booted, sure enough her fan base will flock together and take sides with Warren, instead of throwing support for a true American apostle, that guy Bernie. With Hillary out of the picture, Bernie may support Warren, as long as Hillary is not part of the Warren team - so bad blood amongst them as all are volleying for an agenda push position. Look, Bernie has not come an iota of an inch closer to throwing support to Hillary, as time is on Bernie's side so stick with it Mr. Sanders. And of course, when finally the FBI throws the book at Hillary, it gives the Bernie the "Burn" to take on the beast. Team Trump, well the Donald was at it again today, while chastising the fact that American "Steel" jobs have been sold to the lowest bidding foreigner and what used to be built here by Americans is outsourced and then imported? Look, we don't import skyscrapers and bridges and highways, we build them from scratch. There is a disconnect to what this man has to say about that. It's a mental capacity condition. Trump has a condition called JTT - for Jimmy Two-Times. It's a condition wherein the left side of the brain is not in synchrophase with the right, one side is faster or slower than the other, so things are not in phase - the reason behind the double take. See, even though we have a two-sided thinking cap, in reality both sides contribute to a redundancy foundation and we have what is called "virtual" reasoning. Both sides, instead of taking sides works together, wherein the reasoning is double tapped as a cross-check. But when there is a Jimmy Two-Times ailment, well evidence is forthcoming by patients always doubling up on things, like with speech, saying things two-times - thus the reason it is called the Jimmy Two-Times disease, after the mobster in the Goodfellas. And Trump said today he was once rich, but no more so wants to be the "Poor People's President". I wonder what charity he handed over is his $billions$. What you mean it went as back-pay pay back for the servants he employed and screwed over, when he was rich? Look, Trump is the sidearm of the Mafia wannabe, he's a real "shit-man", and today we have two candidates before us with a disapproval rating that surely makes them unqualified, even at attempts for coming across the southern border, especially if trustworthiness was a border-crossing qualifier. But there is no such requirement under the Constitution, wherein "Trustworthiness", or lack of would disqualify an individual from running for the highest office in this land. Hillary is close to getting the "Your Fired" and well, Trump should be given a breathalyzer test, as what is coming from that orifice is drunk. So, I will wager my Jimmy Two-Times that neither Trump or Hillary will be facing the voters come November 8th. If I am wrong, then best give me a breathalyzer, as being drunk being drunk and seeing double seeing double is the only saving grace saving grace our future!

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