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Monday, June 20, 2016

GAIA Working

Since inception of the "Gore Global Warming Warning" initiative, which was caused in part by Al having way too many mistresses, the heat was on the VP to invent the internet, so what is really behind the controversy maybe fantasy we are destroying the environment? I guess the "in heat" is a trait learned from Bill, can't beat them Clintons join them sense of opportunity. Supposedly "Ball Brothers" Bill and “grind control to major Al” have co-authored a memoir called "The Women We Keep - Hidden Away", due out when Hillary retreats and becomes a bonafide candidate for conjugal visitation rights. But the debate on mans' role in global warming was and has and continues to be but for a see-saw moment, back and forth and in between as the earth heats up - well it appears today that nature has performed its own correction course of course. See, a few years ago I started reading up about a not-to-famous yet scientist that became disgruntled when James Lovelock flew-the-coop about his award winning thesis on "GAIA". Which insisted that mankind was no match for the power of "Nature" and even though our ways & means can be environmentally destructive, it was trivial with respect to the big picture show. Lovelock was quoted back in 2014 that “we should give up on saving the planet”! God forsaken, what the hell was Lovelock smoking, ozoni-juana? GAIA had become a movement, embraced by hippies and the environmentally conscious society after a Keith Richards transfusion. It didn't make sense, this abandonment upon a theory that the Mother earth could fend for itself, the proof rested in Lovelock's “Daisy-land” experiment. Accordingly, when the earth heats up beyond recommended dosages it has a built in mechanism that allows white daisies to take over, which in turn will cool things off by reflecting heat back into space, which is a giant “sink”. When too damn cold, the black daisies take a turn at the balancing act to suck it back in – it works in theory. Like ocean waves that cleanse the shore-line every turn of the tide, there exists space waves performing the same, but on a greater time constraint scale. So a Mr. Phineas J. Whoopee started researching the GAIA hypothesis on his own dime, with the help of Cray "Super-Duper" computer, the gift of gab from Uncle Sam. Yes, the most powerful "chip" ahoy is located in Fairbanks, Alaska and can perform 2-gazillion flip=flops per second. OK, it approaches the speed-of-light and is almost as fast as Bill Clinton, when coming up with excuses "I did not have sex with that druid", or whatever was on the "I can tell Hillary a lie" horizon that day. Anyway, Whoopee started experimenting with the color spectrum, like we see exiting a prism when subject to white light. After turning out an algorithm that is in excess 1-million mathematical terms, Whoopee discovered that the “Daisy-land” theory was valid, except the earth never gets to the extremes wherein it is either a black daisy in control or the white behaving like Bill – “nights in white satin”...OK, enough Bill poking. But Whoopee found through experiment that when in control, the earth will produce a yellow variety of daisies, or flowers of that spectrum that will maintain the correct temperature for the earth to survive, and we fall into the same “survival” control zone. Now what was hallucinating about Whoopee's theory, that the color of a bird's feathers is a measure of the health of the earth. When times are tough and nature is under stress, the bird population produces moderate colors and populations fall off – acting as a barometer in flight that something ain't right. When the earth is on a trend to correct, a bird's wing colors are high-lighted and the population increases, as the feather color signals things are safe. It's the way birds advertize! Better colors, better mating, more children. And this is exactly what is happening today! Which means GAIA is working, as we debate the merits of “Global Warming”, things are happening to transform the earth in the way it handles our intrusion. So even though with Lovelock it may have been a miss-judgment, what he meant by “giving up” may have been the fact that mankind is no match for nature – in what we do and how we respond to things we have done, by debates and no traction with action. So, when driving down the highways and byways, look about and you will see a prolific growth of “Yellow” flowers, in accordance with what Whoopee found through experiment and when taking some time out to enjoy nature, the birds are back and the colors they sport a warning, that we are but intruding puppets the power of the GAIA!

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