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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Fore What?

Fore score? Fore play? Fore skin? Wow, so Barack Obama cancelled his Sunday golf game, due the horrific massacre down in Orlando, by some irate religious wacko another Zimmerman on the loose caboose. What is with security guys? As the usually quiet weekend Oval Office came alive, Barack gave a very somber speech upon the misery those that become victims through little pricks with assault rifles. I am  a 2nd  Amendment believer, yet I also hold these truths to be self evident that such weapons of mass destruction should be banned and does not affect my unalienable rights. I am sure with this massacre the worst in this nation's history since the signing of the Declaration of Independence, an Executive Order will be forthcoming from the 44th before leaving office, some semblance of a ban. Now during the White House open house briefing, Barack met with FBI director James Comey, the same guy that has not been scared by intimidation tactic attacks that have come from the loudmouth of Hillary Rodham Clinton. Even though Comey was called to attention due the Orlando lone-wolf terrorist like attack at the "Pulse", was something else discussed behind closed doors? Soon after that meeting between the FBI head honcho and the Commander-in-Chief, Hillary cancelled her engagement speech with Obama scheduled for this coming Wednesday in Green Bay? Now, one would think that during times like this wherein our nation is under attack, unity speaks for itself even if a political event brings "So Happy Together" times of solidarity. And Clinton's camp said it was Hillary that cancelled the event, wherein Obama was to sell support for Hillary as the 2016 DNC nominee - as just last week he endorsed her challenging a yet to be named GOP henchman. So, is something rotten coming down the pike? The only way this would occur is the fact that Comey gave Obama the bad news - INDICTMENT time for Hillary. See, if that be not the case, Barack had nothing to lose in light of all things considered. But if so bad news is brewing against Hillary, it could affect Obama's approval rating if he was caught out in public with a crook. OK, Obama cancelled out because he is heading to Yosemite and found out there is a golf course way up in the mountains, and putting around is better than putting up with wannabes like the Clintons. Way to GO Obama, to hell with Clinton. And maybe after a few rounds of golf in the midst of the Sequoias and listening to the winds whispering inspirations from great men of the past like John Muir, yes an order to stop the advancement of retards allowed to purchase such weapons is front and center your attention, and Hillary can fein for herself. Causal connection, contributory negligence? Yes, she is a fein as what if the 120 FBI agents working the Hillary Rodham Clinton "Private Parts Server" case were, well assigned to watch lunatics on the loose, maybe this nation would not be in mourning once again! So yes, she is partially to blame... 

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