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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

WALL Aboard!

The 2016 presidential election is still in the debate stages, but that “WALL” is already being built. You just won't see it down south along the U.S. & Mexican border, as the “WALL” being constructed today is between Canada and USA-Alaska! Some years ago way up “North to Alaska” the U.S. military brass realized a possible humongous cost savings to the “American Taxpayers” by allowing the military infrastructure in Alaska to go “Privatized”. It was a good thing, as even though the Army Corp of Engineers could operate and maintain the drinking water, toilet waste-water and electrical power-plant infrastructure for thousands of troops at a cost in-line with “public utilities”, it was the over-burden bureaucratic administrative costs that were cause for concern – too much overhead. So by allowing the privatization, a cost saving was supposed  to be a reality. Which accounted for $millions$ in civil service waste. So the major ARMY bases in Alaska went on the auction block – 12 separate utilities up for grabs at a cost of $5-billion on a guaranteed fixed income contract, for 50-years. Now imagine going to a banker with a 50-year contract with Uncle Sam the provider? So it was a lucrative deal, between the winner of the contract and at the same time tax relief for the taxpayers. Then came the swine few. See, soon after the “CONTRACT” was signed, sealed and delivered, a Canadian outfit demonstrated why we need a border "WALL", more so up north then down south. Sure Trump has warned about rapists and felons creeping north to sabotage this nation's “good will”, it is no different up "True" north except the crooks are in fashion pin-striped suits and rape us with a mile long smile. And soon into the “CONTRACT” between "Private Ryan" and the G-men, war broke out between the ARMY and Doyon Utilities. See, the entity that ventured into this already lucrative venture decided to hide behind the good name of an Alaskan Native Corporation, in efforts to perform - well rape by attacking the ARMY and trying to get blood out of that turnip, for more money it didn't deserve except to pay handsome salaries for those involved in the shake-out - or the "Pruning of America". Now in most cases, it is basically a contract breach, why I keep emphasizing the “CONTRACT” aspect. But the entity that became involved in this “CONTRACT”, it snoozed the Regulatory Commission of Alaska to be the referee in any and all disputes, but that has finally backfired on the Canadian outfit, maybe enough to scare it back over the border wherein it belongs. See, the ARMY came to the U.S. Taxpayers' defense early on this contract dispute, and it should have ended up in the courts wherein an honorable judge would have failed the merits of the contract and the ARMY could then find a better match to perform the "Privatization" obligation without temper tantrums, like a “Made in America” company instead of this snake-oil stuff sneaking across the northern border. But due the influence of a “State Regulatory” body, that entity had been slow to realize that the Canadians are in it for – well it has nothing to do with military superiority and is all about the buck ends up where? In Canada, as this venture is funded by...drum roll please, Canadian banks! Yes, our taxable income being stolen, that's what it is all about in a nutshell and “White Men” businessmen from Fairbanks are behind it - this nation's military infrastructure owned by "outsiders"! But the ARMY, even though it has better things to do, well I guess it is “WAR” and the military attorneys have done a fine job under all distractions. And today we see that the RCA is coming in-line to what appears to be an acknowledgment that there is an attempt by the Canadians to screw us over. See, the “Commission” has mandated that in the interim wherein Doyon will continue to plead that it is no different than ISIS – yes it is treason – that any rebates due shenanigans will find a 10.5% interest tacked on. Way to go RCA and way to go ARMY, as when the borders are so weak that we see and smell Canadian banks heading this way to rob us, it is not only the gang bangers and rapists and felons that migrate here for freedom, but so does the foreign business community have its own crooks and today maybe we are seeing the semblance of a true border patrol, way up north! GO ARMY! See, had it not been for the ARMY keeping a fine edge on its sword of bravery, “We the Taxpayers” would have been paying for some Canadian “Warlords” retirement, so we now see the RCA realizing who is the “Boss”. So, the “WALL” is being built, by the proud men & women in uniform that realize today “WAR” comes in different flavors, with some on the other side thinking by flying the Red, White & Blue it provides amnesty. Think again Monsignor Canadian! Caution NOTE: Even though many trains of thought and controversies surrounds what a "WALL" in reality stands for, in the case of the Canadians attacking our sovereignty...HOORA this WALL!

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