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Monday, June 27, 2016

USS Alaska - Sinking

Back in March of 1989 we woke to hear the devastating news, that the EXXON Valdez had discovered "Land Ahoy", when it crashed into Bligh Reef. See, it was set intentionally off course by saboteurs while Captain Joe Hazelwood slept off one-too-many salutes, when enjoying "Bar Ahoy" in Valdez while the giant tanker was taking on a load of Alaska's "Black Gold". Saboteurs? Yes, the untold story, that a disgruntled ex-worker for the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline company was a cohort-in-shame with a disgruntled oil broker named Charlie who was in cahoots with a disgruntled asshole named Dan...well this disgruntlement "togetherness" allowed the ship's navigational systems to be tweaked as the tanker left port - and while everything looked OK on the Coast Guard's radar screen on "Tilt"...soon it was madness as Joe delivered his commencement speech "we are hard aground". Anyway, when the tanker was finally escorted down south and lifted to dry-dock, there came evidence of how well the saboteurs' plan wrecked the mighty EXXON Valdez - Lee Raymond's pride and joy tanker. Giant gashes 35-feet long in the supertanker's shell indicated that the hull hit the reef at full speed ahead, shedding away the crude oil confinement compartments like an orange on the peel. With such a breach, the valuable crude became a nightmare for the surrounding ecosystem and even today some 27-years after, the "Sound" has not faithfully recovered, as the noxious hydrocarbons remain hidden beneath the shoreline rocks. Yet the saboteurs have retreated to the grave and with that their secret kept a "deep dark secret". Look, the evidence was there, is there still today, but no way in hell could EXXON try to convince that is was a sabotage attempt - nobody would buy it! Especially if the blame were upon an environmentalist "gadfly", an ex-oil broker who was screwed by EXXON out of $millions$ in royalties so decided to turn against the Tiger! Look, there was a change of "course" that was controlled by the saboteurs. OK, I saw the plan and was invited to see how a tanker's navigational system could be re-calibrated from the confines of a cellar in Robe Lake, just down the road from where the tankers hung out. Anyway, today we see the USS Alaska headed for the same crash course - by saboteurs in control once again! See, Alaska is having a tough time maintaining its "Reality Show" standing with the price of oil depressed for so long. Oil companies have tried to endure the "blip", but can only hold out for so long and today we see oil field workers being furloughed. But what is really bothersome is how immature the state is when it comes to trying to save for that "rainy day" coming. There have been cracks in the bank vault a long time, so the bleeding has begun in earnest. And the safe's combination is no longer secret, Lisa left it on a note while enjoying one-too-many salutes aboard that Alaska Airline's plane heading out of Juneau. See, I worked for a company that decided to plan a hoist against the state, yes robbery it is called. It wasn't an accounting mistake, just a ways and means to steal away some citizen inheritance as nobody was looking. It worked, and $thousands$ of dollars were misappropriated - money that would be very valuable today to keep the doom & gloom at bay with depressed oil money. But when it was discovered that my name was tied to this activity, I blew the whistle. See, once you discover that you have been named as a saboteur - a.k.a. co-conspirator - best be on the lookout to correct or else it could mean jail time. So the agency that was ripped - the Alaska Oil & Gas Conversation Committee - the committee chair and board took it upon themselves to investigate the "Whistle-Blower" complaint, with the assistance of state lawyers on the gravy-train payroll and well versed in...the jury is still out. But low and behold a state agency admitting a mistake that allowed "theft" upon the citizens of the "Last Frontier", hurry find a rug! So in the end, the agency being afraid to admit defeat was now in cahoots the company that performed the "theft" and a lullaby bribe allowed all to be OK with the "THEFT".  NO, the money was never returned, the "Whistle-Blower" lost his job and nothing happened to the company that thefted the money - remember it was a planned attempt that worked. Other companies should try it out. I think it is called pre-meditated! Anyway, this guy blew the whistle, lost his job and the AOGCC lived on happily ever after - as a breach by a dereliction-to-duty showing incompetence upon the agency that looks after "our" resources, well imagine if it were not doing its job in making sure the oil measuring meters were accurate! Don't count on it, but that's another subject matter of interest a story onto its own. Talk about the EXXON Valdez and Joe's toxic messing around, up north the AOGCC still cannot find out what happened to 42000 gallons of contaminated glycol. I wonder why those baby seal pups in Harrison Bay have deadly lesions and the Eskimos are alarmed? Anyway when it appeared that crime pays for a business entity doing work for the state and at the same time Billy Brown is facing jail time for PFD fraud, well something is not right with this picture. Just like accepting the fact it was Joe Hazelwood to blame for the Bligh Reef wreck when there was evidence enough it was saboteurs. So I decided to blow the whistle some more, as it appeared to be a case of incompetency from the AOGCC and the Department of Law Can Be Broken, by filing a complaint with the state Ombudsman's Office - as this is the state agency that was designed to look into matters that are suspect. According to Linda Lord-Jenkins' web shiisting site: The Office of the Ombudsman is a non-partisan, neutral, fact-finding agency and takes no sides in a dispute. Our job is to determine whether state government actions are fair and reasonable. Now I have worked with "Big Oil" company Ombudsman programs, like for BP that hires reputable ex-Federal judges like Stanley Sporkin to run the show, wherein the Ombudsman gets to the bottom of things and not afraid to call it like it is. But it appears the State of Alaska Ombudsman, well it appears it has the "bottom of the barrel" mandate, as when my complaint was visited by the staff that is supposed to be "neutral" instead of neutered...I lost again, and again and again. When there exists evidence, when I make the tough decision to come forward to right a wrong that which affects all Alaskans yet I am not allowed to testify upon this theft under "oath", it points to a state that is totally out of control "Reality", afraid to do what is right. Sad, as when I first moved North back in 1976, there was still a "North to Alaska" spirit, wherein "theft" like this was a NO-NO. In fact back then, rip off the state and you may get a visit from the "Bush Rat"! Things have changed and that is a bad sign for the 49er. When citizens come forward then are pushed back by the very agencies designed through the statutes to remedy the bullying of state run agencies that think their "shat" don't stink, it goes to show we have placed officials in positions that have blinders and afraid to make waves as that would mean a possible eviction from office - and then maybe they would have to find a real job. So, maybe that is why "honest" people like myself are heading south, as what is moving "North" would make the "Bush Rat" real sad. Maybe a wall has meaning! Update: March 2012, EXXON Valdez sold for scrap. June 2016, Alaska sold for scat, Ombudsman approved!

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