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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Paul Krugman Apology

One thing that is needed before January 20th, is an apology to Barack Obama from Nobel laureate Paul Krugman, or else the selection committee should request Paul return the "medal". But Paul's a fan of  Hillary the 8th - Bill has been caught that many times with Monica mistresses - so I won't hold my breath an apology wherein an apology is due. Krugman was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences in 2008. Barack won it for "PEACE" in 2010, something many forget about the 44th Commander-in-Chief as many can't stand peace and still call themselves "American". But why an apology from one Nobelman to another? When Barack Obama instigated and signed into effect the "American Recovery Act", just 6-days into taking over the Oval Office trashed by Bush, many in the so-called "Think Tank Know" said it was a ridiculous move and would throw this nation's financial status into limbo. Krugman was one of the ridiculers and the Clinton camp was still upset, so the goons were already on the attack. The "Recovery Act" invested in the neighborhood of $850-billion here in the "Homeland", instead of using it abroad for war-torn nothings. The infusion of loot for the "American Middle Class" bailout has found success beyond all odds and continues today. How so, because it was directed not only at the salt-of-the-earth working class proletariats - True Americans - but demonstrated that when it comes to making America strong, everybody chips in for a piece of the pie. I remember how Rick Perry - then governor of Texas  - responded to the "Recovery Act". See Texas received the second largest withdrawal from the U.S. Treasury, so Perry - a bonafide Obama hater - had a few things to say about what it meant for Texans; Dear President Barack Obama, I don't agree with the "Act" but will take the money. Same sentiment every damn republican governor from sea-to-shining-sea! It was then a do or die situation, as Bush had left this nation a ransacked economy due his "War Lord" mentality. So, across the nation almost immediately "infrastructure" projects were on the drawing boards. I could go into detail, but as a result we have good highways, good bridges and look around, as our highways are busy with truck traffic. Which means a vibrant economy and when driving along Route 66, there are many "Help Wanted" signs! And the price of oil...need I say more. Regardless of numbers that these so-called economic experts can throw out like Hillary throwing out Bill's infidelity excuses but continues to "Stand by her man", those that gave Obama a bad time about the "Stimulus" should have the balls to come forward and say: Mr. President, we were wrong. Krugman should take the lead on this apology. But the lousy economy is being used as a 2016 campaign grip, when it is a lie. And, well we know how politicians can use lies. See, according to Krugman “Mrs. Clinton isn’t just the most knowledgeable, well-informed candidate in this election, she’s arguably the best-prepared candidate on matters economic ever to run for president.” Need I say more, as when ethics is down in the dumps, so is our economy. And what is this never ending fantasy with Hillary, are so many that naive? But I have no qualms thanking what the 44th did for US. "Dear Mr. Barack Obama, thanks, thanks, thanks so much for that "American Recovery Act", as I still believe in giving credit where credit is due." And of course, one would never expect a sincere apology from a "Distinguished Professor" from New York City and also a columnist with the New York Times, as that goes against the amber waves of grain!

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