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Saturday, March 26, 2016


When Alaska lost its status as a “Territory” and gained “Statehood”, it was the “We're In” headline that caught the attention of the lower-48. Mention “We're In” and you arouse an Alaskan's bragging rights. But maybe it is time to place aside what that sigh of relief meant for territorial Alaskans, as today it finds new meaning. Today, or soon to be, the slogan finds a resurrection as “Bernie Sanders'” new motto, meaning something ugly for his competitor is coming fast & furious down the pike and about to sink the ship – of fools. See, there is a rumor from the “Beltway” that Hillary is being summoned to what is going on behind closed doors with the FBI investigation, with respect to the “Private Server”. And what she laughed foolhardily upon a few weeks ago, before the server guy was granted “prosecutional immunity”, well maybe it is still true that when reality push comes to shove “he who laughs last laughs best”! Accordingly Hillary will soon announce she is stepping away from the 2016 contention and use “Health” concerns as an excuse – this is the plea bargain that is being orchestrated as a “Good Will Hunting” gesture, in efforts to close forever the investigation challenging any wrongdoing by Hillary while acting in the capacity of Secretary of State. And to be honest, I believe this is the best approach to take, just go away. NO jail time, NO fine, just leave us alone. Take Bill & Chelsea and retire and make good what the “Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Foundation” was supposed to be all about, charity towards the needy instead of charity towards the greedy – those that contributed to that foundation based not on loyalty to human care-giving but hoping to get a payback opportunity with some buddy legislation if and when Hillary went seated in the “Oval Office”. So, sayonara Hillary, and Bill. Which means “WE'RE IN”! It has been noticeable the past few days, as instead of her jolly “I screwed you” smile and “I'm above the law” along with the sad fact she was way ahead in the delegate count due slime “Supers” - which includes loyal husband Bill's vote - well the entire Clinton family today shows signs of fatigue. And it cannot be due pressures from campaigning, as 74-year old Bernie was out in front of a crowd 15000+ strong at Safeco Field in Seattle, on a Friday night and full of energy – along with supporters just as loud and proud. That's when the little bird informed Bernie that Hillary was toast. So, yes “We Are In” and the other side of the coin finds “They're OUTraged” so deserving.

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