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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Vote for HER?

So Bill Clinton wants so bad a Misery Hillary Presidency, that the 42nd is now calling the Obama legacy the “Awful Legacy”. According to Bill, “if you believe we've finally come to the point where we can put the awful legacy of the last eight years behind us, then you should vote for her.” Wow, maybe Bill has early stages of DG - Dimensionless Gonorrhea. Of course the shrinkage upon the “True Reality” of the last 8-years could be a plan in the hatching stage, for when Bill is subdued by the FBI: “I did not have sex with that server”, meaning he tries to convince the jury that he did not have access to Hillary's State Department e-mail account. Sure he did, it's the Clinton trademark. But I listened to Hillary speak before the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, and it is the same old message. Look, Hillary has not a message when compared to what Bernie Sanders is all about. And the front-runners - those GOP goons also invited to speak - they seemed to send the same message to the audience, more bloodshed is their goal as the next U.S. President. Amazing that we have presidential contenders that feel a vote can be had by advocating more “Killings”! Sad thing, it is our taxpayer money that lends itself to the carnage and cruelty of the killing fields abroad. And Bernie Sanders – of Jewish ancestry – he was the only individual that did not attend this “Jewish Fund Raiser”, instead making a comment that Ben-jaminit NNNNNetanyahu invaded Congress back in 2015 without permission from the White House, when the Prime Misery came here for a visit under a John “Phantom Shitter” Boehner incest invite and both should have been indicted for “Treason” - as Boehner and the “Nyet” broke the law of this land! Yes, Obama had the power to have Netanyahu jailed, or expelled. And little do many realize, the reason Boehner is no longer a public figure with a full-time job of bashing Obama is the fact he was given an ultimatum by the Obama administration, leave it or be indicted. Look, an individual of such political power does not just vanish from the scene, he was in “Secret Trouble”, for many things put aside besides getting caught “crapping” on cars in Ohio – Boehner's home away from the beltway. So it finally caught up to Boehner. Unfortunately Nyet has immunity and could rape your daughter and smile on his way back to Israel. So, here it is in a nutshell what Hillary and the others voiced in efforts to secure votes away from peace:

We are free now, we can kill now,
We can hate now, now we can end the world

Bernie's Message:

Take your place on The Great Mandala
As it moves through your brief moment of time.
Win or lose now you must choose now
And if you lose you've only wasted your life.

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