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Saturday, March 5, 2016


If William Jefferson the "Blythe" had access to the "Private Server" when he was having a good morning crap in the Master Crapper at the Clinton home in Chappaquiddick, then we have been shat on! I meant Chappaqua, sorry Ted. OK, let me explain myself. See, if Bill was behind the "Illegal Server" while Hillary was trying to be SOS, because he couldn't keep his dick out of...then he once again abused her. You know what, I am still amused that many Americans think Bill was a better U.S. President then Jimmy Carter. Let's see, Bill was impeached by the House, for "decades of untiring effort to find sex victims, to advance spousal abuse and alienate human rights of women", while Jimmy was the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, for "decades of untiring effort to find peaceful solutions to international conflicts, to advance democracy and human rights". See, some cannot come to grips that the party they support politically are scumbags. So, maybe we will find that Hillary is telling the truth about the "Server" and will finally "divorce" Bill, and then maybe I will consider her run in 2016. By Hillary finally standing up against the "I did not have sleazy sex with that woman" abuser, then maybe underneath years of abuse there is an individual that would surface, scared and wrecked, that could still handle the "Oval Office". Maybe there is a foundation there, one that has been subject to that age old slavery, as "Woman is the nigger of the world" still in the eyes of some men, like Bill. This is the argument I possess, but many feel that Hillary so abused remained as Bill's "Stand By Your Man Woman", and is not fit for any office. The fascination for Hillary comes through the "Women Vote", believing it is their time this time around. They have a point and I for one would like to see a "Woman" in that all important role. I had held high hopes that it would have been Gabrielle Giffords, but when she was coming on strong in that direction, well she ended up like "The day that Mary Jo Kopechne was thrown off the Chappaquiddick Bridge". So, if the courts decree a dissolution, then I will reconsider my "hatred" for scumbags bent on a Bozo Bus mentality, just to get that mug shot in the encyclopedia. IMAGINE, being on the same page as George W. Bush, Bill's horrifying.

To "Server" with LOVE?

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