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Monday, March 7, 2016


I wish Silly Hillary would try in earnest to pin-the-tail on the Donaldkey, as during her deadbeat audition the other night, she had no idea who was to blame for the lead poisoning issues confronting...well are we living in a 3rd world nation, again? Look, it is very easy to understand why "Clean Water" will be soon a thing of the past so we best get used to hearing more of the same, KID KILLER! The blame game for the Flint lead poisoning was the fact the EPA was being threatened, yes that agency was under attack by, drum roll please... U.S. Senator MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly(Alaska) and a bunch of her henchmen colleagues. This occurred by strangling the funding that is required for "somebody" to police the water quality, as the 2015 budget was cut by 7%, or some $540-Million. Yes, money that may have avoided these "KID KILLER" fields, by fixing things. See, MoanaLisa along with her cohort in shame Congressmen Don Young have made it their goal to, well "Short Hand" that agency, hoping to KILL IT! So, if there is a single source of "Blame" this atrocity upon poor blacks, then just look towards the beltway brats. You cannot blame Obama for this mess, as he asked for the money and Congress reneged based on the fact "defunding" is a ways and means for these bustards to wreck havoc with that agency. Defunding is the cause of this "Poisoning" episode, and it doesn't stop in Flint. But when thugs have immunity, we find kids dying right here in the "Homeland". And until such time we start to hold those responsible for such outrageous and egregious behavior - that which is condoned by our members of Congress due commitment to the "Lobby" - well until such time we have before us a Congress that has no problem poisoning our kids. This is the main reason this same debate finds no traction with the GOP candidates, they know bringing it up is that "can-of-slimy-worms". So I am sure that those responsible, well they are not in hiding because they have "IMMUNITY"! So the trickle down will find somebody else to blame, and these bastards that are truly responsible will have no qualms using it as a talking point when they are up for re-election, by placing the blame on Obama. Here is a sad thing about how MoanaLisa MurCowpiefly manipulates the system, so she can maintain constituency votes and find a job for a lifetime. Well, MoanaLisa is what "True" Alaskans call the "Nepotism" Senator, as when her dad decided to run for the governor, he vacated his U.S. Senate seat and manipulated the replacement rules, so he could pass it on to daughter dearest. Anyway, with help from MoanaLisa - due seniority today on the beltway - the funding was cut from the "Clean Water" program, so the EPA was short on funds even enough to police what our kids were drinking - so came Flint front and center for attention after it was too late. But at the same time money for the BIA "Clean Water" was expanded, as a majority of the money earmarked to help the Native Americans drink "clean water", well Alaska benefits "Big Time". So this is it in a nutshell, take away money from "thum there poor black folks" and send it off to those that will see that good gesture as someone that cares, for re-election made easy. See, this nation got in trouble for atrocities upon our Native Americans and we are still paying for it today. And maybe someday when we have satisfied that atrocity through $money$, then maybe the blacks can be reimbursed for mortuary services to bury their young kids killed by, well "My Country T's of Thee" no longer free as we have before us a Congress that "KILL KIDS"!
EPA under fire by Congress

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