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Friday, March 18, 2016

Coward-skin Pillbox Hat

The Zuckerzombies are alive and well. So, an electrician working the high-wire in downtown Los Angeles trips and falls to death. This "Accident" occurred at a sky-scraper under construction, and for some reason still not explainable the victim wasn't wearing a safety harness. Haste makes waste, probably knew better but took a chance. For what it is worth, another sad statistic for workplace fatalities. But WTF, as the "Walking Dead Facebook Zombies" take a tragic story and turn it into a GOP debate stage, because so many have become micro-second experts on nothing except "Hate Mongering". Whatever happened to that "Count to 10" before reacting? And why is there so much abuse upon the luxury of "Free Speech"? So instead of condolences, or just read the damn story and stay away from that "annihilation" texting, it was 1st Amendment filth that followed this story "Hot Off the Press" - as it is so easy to get carried away with premeditated anger, as the "social media" frenzy is a "Coward-skin Pillbox Hat" mentality. So, when this tragic news was summoned to the FOX, within an hour's time what appeared from the "Social Schizoid" was, well nauseating for a story that has no political fantasy yet the "Dead Beat Zombies" that hide away from society behind that cell phone and can send hate mail while walking down a crowded walkway or looking so innocent while traveling on a subway amongst "Real Americans" while propped behind a fake smile, as it is a laugh wherein these Zuckerzombies think they are getting away with something by spilling their net IQ worth that shows us they are worth NOTHING! Walking Dead? Zombies? Truly a retarded society that fantasizes this type of hype! So, here it is, broadcasted around the world, even before the dead man's body was bagged!

Suicide folks, nothing to see here now move along: Sounds like a Record Swan Dive, must have been practicing for La Quebrada Acapulco. Mexico, they don't wear hat hats either, but water is involved: The fall must of felt like what the GOP is going through: I'm guessing he did it on purpose: Chumlee, from Pawn Stars, was with him. Chumlee pushed him ... Chumlee was laughing: Bush pushed him. Chump said it was special. Hillary wants to know what difference would it make. Blah, Blah, Blah: Throw the body back over the border: Better than living with Trump as a president:  Let us know before you jump. I'll make popcorn: I need to know if he was ILLEGAL or a Democrat before I have any sympathy: More Trump haters should follow his lead: Why can't  you people just knock it off? You just have to add your not clever political remarks on everything don't you?: They cannot help it.  They have been lobotomized with an Obamalotomy: They are trying hard to cover up their foolish mistake of voting the turd in a second time.  He sure has done wonderful things for this country he hates: Wouldn't it have been easier for him just to cross back over the border?: Interesting how many anti-FOX posts are here. Are liberals not capable of spelling CNN?: Liberals are not capable of spelling: It was Bush's fault...: I wish it would have been Obama: It would have been his first useful act as president: He definitely wasn't liberal, he was working: he was probably Union, definitely liberal: You know he wasn't a liberal the key word was worker: Must be a Trump fan. Displays virulent hate for everyone but himself: Hating a liberal is a just cause get use to it: Madam president sweet is that.  Hey foxtards, you still have suicide as an option as well...what are you waiting for ???  get crackin' !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: If everyone who is going to vote against Clinton jumps off a building, there will be no real workers left to build the building in the first place: Liberals contribute nothing useful to society: liberals are full of hate: Yeah, they're the ones who wished death on the POTUS in these comments. Oh wait, they cannot write: The guy obviously wasn't black or Obama would have his mug all over TV telling us that if he had a son....: well, Trump has one less vote...sorry foxtards !!!: Actually, that is one less Clinton vote Libby: Remember, this man was working. Probably republican: Yes he was working. But... electrician, possibly union, possibly a Clinton vote. Difficult to say: Go #### a dead camel, troll: no real loss...I'm sure he was a Republican !!: Why, because he was working ?: Where was Hillary at the time of this man's "fall?": Yes, could have used her for an air bag. (Or should I say wind bag): I read the news today, oh boy . . . About a lucky man who made the grade; Thanks Obama!  

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