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Saturday, August 27, 2016

TRUMP is...

"Ooh, what a lucky man he was". See, my most recent doctor's visit and a note for my employer on my "Health" cost me a whole lot more then what Mr. Trump doles out for a fitness report. Maybe this is another "Upper Crust Class" privilege. My journey started like this. An hour to drive to my appointment - which mind you had to be made 3-months in advance and during my work-week so I was docked for wages. Then the half-hour wait in the over-crowded like Zika room with sickness all around then another half-hour waiting in a cubby hole like room most likely filled with sickness. Finally a 15-minute visit with a person I thought was a doctor, then my ride back to work. And I felt sicker than ever! So, that physical wherein I didn't even have to laugh, I mean cough, it cost me all told $593 bucks or $3.29 a minute. See, I have good coverage which means rape the provider. Ha, ha it was until I received the bill for my deductible, the cough was now a choke hold! WTF, I am paying more today than ever before! Yes, the system is rigged, but still a NO vote for Trump along with a NEVER vote for BleachBitch. See, the FBI is good but only got a "bit" of the evidence about Hillary's cleaning of the "Private Server" and John Law admitted she used BleachBit...and the rest of the story! According to Doctor Harold "Foreskin" Bornstein, he spent only 5-minutes assessing Mr. Trump's physical state of paranoia - I mean state of health - and performed the "please cough" in Trump's limo - wow, medicine take-out! And the media is stomping on Trump for what it perceives as a rush to judgment why Mr. Trump's hair color is the same color as cesspool overflow! Now had my doctor - the person I thought was a doctor - performed my physical in a rush, low and behold it would have saved me a whole lot of looting - preventive medicine it's called. Now IMAGINE, if all MDs were like Mr. Trump's and paid by the time? So, with that said, I could have been checked out in a Uber at my office, with less sickness surrounding and not lost work wages and with my deductible it would have meant only $17 bucks out-of-pocket - for the entire visit at, drum roll please...$35 genuine green backs. And it could have been performed on my "break time". Maybe this is Trump's resolution to getting rid of ObamaCare. See, medicine likes an hour visit as part of the billing cycle, it is how it makes humongous like profits. Yes, the insurance bills for a visit, even if it takes only 5-minutes it is paying out for the entire time allocated for such a visit. So, if a smart doctor can see a patient every 5-minutes, it means a profit margin of 1200% and medical school loans are paid off in a hurry and that is why the reserved parking spots with shade at the medical offices have Mercedes' taking over. What you mean I can't park there? In all honesty, it shouldn't take so long just to get a weather check and I hate going to the MZikaD, as I always feel heavier upon leaving - as for every office visit we get a prescription for something even Latin scholars are confused to what it means. So bravo to Trump - but instead of targeting the time involved for his Dulcolax suppository prescription, what about the media going after the gusto behind the cost of this kind of "rush" medicine, as this has merit seeking out.
Doctor Foreskin: "I still don't know why Donald's hair-color is the same as cesspool overflow...but he is healthy enough to be the next Oval Office imbecile"

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