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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Floptober Surprise

Time to analyze Hillary Clinton's "Tax Plan", as Bill & Hillary & Chelsea have made a decision, while already counting the chickens before the hatch. See, Bill has made a commitment that should this nation be blessed with his wife's presence in the same Oval Office wherein Monica made "head"-lines, well the family said it will change the way it's "Charitable Organization" works. "It's a family affair, it's a family affair, blood's thicker then mud, it's a family affair". Yes indeed, if Hillary is sworn in on January 20th next year, no more money from foreign terrorists or corrupt corporations will be allowed to fill Hillary's vanity affair. See, for year after year after year this qualified "IRS 990" organization has been nothing but a platform for Hillary's wish, to become the Commander-in-Chief. It was basically a ways and means to funnel money towards her presidential ambitions, all within the law abiding citizens requirements. Look, "Charitable" means nothing, as most of the wealthy have "990s" in efforts to scam away taxable income. Remember, it is 2016 wherein laws have Clockwork Orange like "loopholes" for the 1% that owns 76% of the wealth - still can't take it with you assholes! Yes, income inequality finds a way to shelter one's riches through the "Charitable Organization" label, and it takes a hefty income that most of us salt-of-the-earth only dream about. So take for instance that last 990 filing by the Clinton Foundation. It found global generosity in the tune of $150-Million. Wow, all that to help feed the poor and shelter the homeless - hold those teary eyed thoughts! See, of that amount of loot taken in, only $8-Million goes towards charity. A majority of the donations are used for salaries, as this Clinton network employs many executives and what appears to be free-loaders - those that enjoy a life of luxury wining and dining on someone else's dime. Look, this foundation's donors are not providing out of the goodness of their hearts to help thy fellow hungry and homeless man with wife with child! Donations are for the privilege of an insider. Now even though Chelsea is the "Boss", she does not receive a salary, but spends $millions$ on traveling, eating and enjoying that life of luxury - same with Bill. So it is a front, to promote Hillary around the world. Now when all the donations come to a screeching halt when Hillary is sworn in, what happens to all the salaries never mind any donations to help those in need? Most likely, her cohorts in shame will be given privileged "Do Nothing" jobs in the White House. So that is a tax increase for the "Middle Class" and if there isn't enough loot to  donate for the "Real" cause, I am sure Bill can find a Federal appropriations earmark to fund the piddly contributions towards that cause. When one analyzes the ratio of good to bad this organization, what is taken in as a token of "Brother can you spare a dime" to that which goes to benefit "Charity", it's a crying out loud joke! So that is the treason today the reason the Clinton's are making plans for the "Foundation", as it isn't needed anymore because if she is elected, it has performed its obligation as a "Charitable Organization" - except falls far short its intent to would be benefactors. The only benefactors are those that gave loot as ransom, the insider syndrome. This is it in a Nostradamus nutshell, the Clinton legacy. But troubling times ahead, so maybe the Clinton's best start a recount, of their spoiled eggs! There will come an August surprise, surprise, surprise. And look-out September and October. So Hillary is planning an escape, it be the medical "Trump" card wherein when the shat hits the fan and splatters on her fans, a convenient excuse to find shelter from the storm. Imagine throwing a decorated war veteran under her Bozo bus! Colin Powell is the originator of the 13-rules of leadership: #7 - "You can't make someone else's choices"...Dear Hillary, Mr. Powell did not tell you to use a "private server", please stop lying about it. But Hillary will use the medical "Get Out of Jail FREE" when push comes to shove, as a ways and means to retreat away from her controversies and Bill's covert trash affairs. And once she claims a medical condition, well it all becomes "Confidential" and into the sunset...Freedom at last, for US!

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