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Saturday, August 27, 2016

Skip a Rope

Today I call on the honorable governors of this great nation's states of the Union, asking that they come together in efforts to protect the Homeland - as our future is under attack! We have not a presidential candidate on either side worthy of the keys to the Oval Office, let alone the "Launch" button keys. Each and every governor must start thinking about exercising his or her state's "Rights" to make sure the next Commander-in-Chief is indeed "Qualified". No details are necessary the quandary this nation is in with respect to the present candidates NOT of choice. Neither Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump finds anywhere close the foundation nor definition of a leader "We the People" can trust or deserve. And without "Trust" can only lead this nation to ruins should we shame ourselves on November 8th, as the system of merits has crashed and burned with those before us as the only choice. Money makers do not make for honorable leaders. As governors sworn to protect, you should immediately sign an executive order that disallows your state's electors to cast any electorate vote for Hillary or Trump - regardless the outcome of the vote count. "We the People" have little power, and we cherish that "Vote" as a means to defy the tarnish of politics but when we have no other choices, we fail by our actions to "Want" to vote. It is a time for in-action our only Patriotic vice, yet we are afraid to practice abstinence and thus refrain away from casting a vote for outcasts. By mandating protection to the "Faithless Elector" through your executive authority as governors, it would then be up to the House to jury the consequence of your actions to protect. In the meantime Paul Ryan would assume the role as interim Commander-in-Chief. Because both Hillary and Trump's VP candidates have become accomplices to the same criticism, they too have no reason to be part of the next administration. Therefore, so too will the Senate find objections and will allow Orrin Hatch to take over the duties vacated by Joe Biden. I am a democrat, have many friends that keepsake conservatism, yet we remain friends and find the same disgruntlement this election cycle - even though so divided on issues, we come together this one particular scenario of concern. There are no "qualified" candidates running for the 45th. Sure this kind of retreat from precedence could be challenged as a failure of the "Electorate", but the Founding Fathers maintained such protectionism, and today the states must exercise that stand - else we fail as a nation. The system is rigged, and when the indivisible states take such control, then it means business and getting back to business. For those reading this, it is our only way out. Please contact your governor and request such action. DO NOT take NO for an answer, as when trying times are upon us, only governors can get us through such times. For those that find this move a ways and means forward, it is only a Band-Aid. Once the Congress convenes on January 6th to count the electorate vote and finds that the governors have intervened to disallow a Clinton or Trump take-over, should the contingent state's governors challenge the "Electorate", then we can move forward with a delayed election wherein ":Qualified" candidates can come forward. With Ryan and Hatch as interim, then we can maybe find a way out of this mess, as to have a Trump or Hillary at the helm can only tarnish and insult what this nation is all about. In ending, Skip a Rope...

Oh, listen to the children while they play,
Now ain't it kinda funny what the children say,
Skip a rope.

Donald hates Hillary, Hillary hates Donald,
Last night you shoulda heard the fight they had,
Gave little sister liberty another bad dream,
She woke us all up with a terrible scream.

Cheat on your taxes, don't be a fool,
Now what was that they said about a Golden Rule?
Never mind the rules, just play to win,
And hate your neighbor for the parties he's akin.

Cheat on your taxes, don't be a fool,
Now what was that they said about a Golden Rule?
Never mind the rules, just play to win,
And hate your neighbor for the parties he's akin.

Stab 'em in the back, that's the name of the game,
And Hillary and Donald are who's to blame.
Skip a rope, skip a rope,

Just listen to your children while they play,
It's really not very funny, what the children say,
Skip a rope, skip a rope.

and maybe time to Skip an Election!

Original "Skip a Rope" by Joe South

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