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Monday, August 8, 2016

In Memory - This Assassination

I didn't come as a shock to many, that on August 9th, 2010 the bad news made the front page news. Theodore Fulton "Ted" Stevens was dead, after a plane crash over in the Dillingham area. Yes, not a shock as Stevens had been under the political torture tourniquet, and the bleeding was fatal. To many once fans, he was no longer a "Statesmen", he was a sellout. It started in 2007, when  it was broadcast around the nation that this senior and longest sitting all-powerful republican U.S. Senator from Alaska was in trouble, as news' reels of enforcement vans filled with IRS' "Forensic" team agents along with the FBI raided his house, down in the quiet sleepy hollow town of Girdwood. Yes, hundreds of Internal agents and Hoover "Henchmen" made it look like the G-force was disrupting a terrorist plot. Following that raid, Ted was under indictment...for nothing and it was the end of his career. I was not a Ted fan by any stretch of the imagination, had spoke with him only once in person, but realized he did good for the citizens of Alaska - all walks of life included. Little known to many even today, the raid was a set-up, something that is still kept a secret. Why so? Look at what we just learned from Hillary Clinton's investigative interview with the FBI. See, there comes a time when the G-Men must take sides and perform against the grain, when it is in the best interest of the nation, which doesn't mean a law abiding outcome. That was also the case with Ted, he was set-up as a stool pigeon and when he was about to break it off in their you know what...well he was innocently assassinated. The reason the FAA never found any conclusive evidence of what went wrong 6-years ago when the plane Ted was on headed towards home - it crashed. It wasn't weather related, it wasn't mechanical, it was sabotage in efforts to silence the lamb. See, Ted was friends with Bill Allen, the pervert on-the-run. And before Bill found a taste for underage girls, he was a very successful businessman, with a namesake Alaskan company called VECO - and Bill had found riches in the Alaskan oil fields. Money wealth is always lured toward political power like a magnet, thus the friendship between Bill and Ted. Even though so common in this day and age on the political scene, such relationships, Ted was not the kind a "K Street" bandit like Tom Delay, as Ted could not be "bought & sold". He played the game, but with restrictions as the priority duty was "For the People". There existed boundaries Ted would not cross - take that back there were boundaries you didn't want to cross as the "Hulk" was not an individual to mess with! So even though the political game of thorns was apparent, with Ted there was still a very genuine ethical association with the Constitution that which would not sacrifice that "sworn" duty for favors, like we realized with Don Young and the Murkowski family dynasty - while speaking a good tune then bending over for the lobby. So what am I getting at? Well VECO had its main headquarters over on 36th, a multi-story building that had been part of the Alaskan scene for many years. And another entity rented out some space, not for lack of available and more accommodating necessities, but for reason suspiousious. It was nothing else, except an engineering firm, a coffee shop and the main auditing branch of the IRS - the latter a crowded mess with very little waiting room and a place to sit while waiting for justice just a dream. A place wherein there was "zero" privacy when one was audited, you could hear it all, others' tax problems. I had my time there, and always wondered about this arrangement at Bill's palace. Interesting, that all other Federal government entities found themselves fancy new buildings in downtown Anchorage, that is what Ted was good for, bringing home the bacon. But for some reason, the IRS had to find rental accommodations at Bill's place. And that is wherein the sabotage began in earnest honesty lost. Ironic, that today the IRS is under scrutiny for targeting "Conservative" political non-profits. Here is what went on. Bill's bimbo-broads had access to the IRS computers, through a backdoor - a true backdoor called the 1st floor service elevator. And when the IRS agents thought its books and records were secure, well on weekends the IRS audit office in Anchorage became the clearing house for the rich and powerful. Yes, tax returns under audit by the political rich were cleansed, closed and many went about their merry life of "No Taxation with Representation". Said again, I was witness to this theft, because my name coincided with a powerful Alaskan politician, and for a few thousand...yes I was bribed by the bimbos to pay a ransom and my tax problems would be forever gone. How deep this "cleansing" is not known, but that was the reason Ted's house was on the raid - to see if there was any evidence as a ways and means to pin Ted upon this scam to secretly fix the tax problems of the rich and powerful. It was fixed, and the harm has been done. We may never know the extent, as this "clearing house" was just not an Alaskan "Break-in", as  once an individual had access to the files, it was a nationwide help line, courtesy Ted's supposedly cigar smoking friend Bill. In the end, this became known to Ted, known to the G-Men, and one of those things best keep secret. One of those things hidden away for the sanctity of our sovereignty as this is one of those dilemmas that can take down a great nation. And when Ted decided to come forward after many years of disgruntlement upon close associates that had been part of this scam, many still in the political ranks, so did the assassins find a reason to mobilize. Case CLOSED - One Nation Under Guard!

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