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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Kaleidoscope Eyes

So to those that are rallying full speed ahead orchestrating for a Hillary Clinton nomination, well how come the prolific use of cesspool tactics - and with every passing day trying to convince the non-committed intelligent race why a vote for BleachBITch is better than a vote for Trump? Sorry, but every time I enable my spell-checker "Hillary" gets corrected, to the Bleach...! Look, I despise Mr. Donald Trump, due the fact his hair is the color of an over-flowing cesspool so makes me suspicious what toilet bowl his humanitarian passion hangs out. Maybe I meant "Humiliating"! But for the democrats and how that political faction plays the game, it appears to be more of the same insane throwing Trump under the bus. No matter what it is, Trump's daily deliveries are defined as "LOW" by the Hillary camp, those in favor of the 1st female at the helm hoping to blow away Trump's chances...for real, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are all we have to look forward to as the 45th, this is all we have? Putin is laughing, and I laugh with him. And Yeh, for the most part Trump does not speak like a leader, nor does he behave like an individual that could do justice as the Commander-in-Chief. So the game plan is hitting him low, the "low blow" weapon is the only thing that is keeping the voter spread in Hillary's favor. But let's talk about a "Low Blow". Bill Clinton forced Monica Lewinsky to give him a low-blow-job, in the Oval Office and may have used his Cuban cigar as a dildo for some extracurricular activity. After Bill was impeached, Dick Cheney said there were remnants of cum stains on the walls of this notorious office of power, now more in tune to the "Ovary Office of Pubic Affairs". Look, it is NO secret what went on behind closed doors in that office when Hillary was away at Chelsea's junior high-school activities. In fact, for the past 8-years Michelle Obama has refused to enter that room and the Obama girls have also refused to enter through the gates of the dungeon wherein it is cast in stone "I did not have sex with that..." Then after Bill lied about the sex parties, well Hillary went to bat for his perversion. And Hillary's closest aid - Huma - she did the same thing time after time after time when Anthony "Weiner" used his you know what...what's in a name! So Hillary chastised Bill's victims, and that is a low blow so low that I have resigned away any interest in another Clinton in the "White House". Hillary's action or inaction set back "women's" rights many, many years backwards. OK, if she does indeed get the female vote to win her that ceremony, one day only. After the swearing in on January 20th, I hope at the podium Chief Justice Robert's hands over the...scrubbing brush, so Hillary can get to work cleaning away her husband's "cum" stains, then as a penance we need another "Impeachment". Maybe "BleachBITch" has meaning! Look, that office will never be the same and the reason Obama has another "fake" Oval Office for photo ops. Some say the doors to that "Oval Office" have been locked shut since Obama moved in, good going Barack. In fact, that cum stained office should be torn down, sent to Bill's "Presidential" library and re-erected, as that is what the Clinton legacy is all about - CUM STAINS! Please NO MORE ejaculations on my watch. And as far as Trump, good thing for condoms...

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