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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Tea-Party Fails Test

Where in HELL is the “TRUE” Tea-party? Appears missing in action like maybe December 21st was their end of the world with the discovery of the “Big Bang Belch” and those that could have barricaded themselves away underground, waiting for the “bad” news - that it was just a liberal hoax. See, we haven't heard a peep from Donald Sump since then, or Tush Limbaugh, how “sweet it is” and it appears that air pollution has hit an all time low from sea to shining sea! Sure has been nice though, with that “Don’t Tread on Me – Live Free or Die” following bent on a “false pretense worship” incarcerated in their own pathetic stool, hopefully drowned by their own ambitions. Now don't take me wrong, as at one time in history a long time ago, I thought this “other” party had merit against the bastards, until Joe the Hummer became Sarah Palin's playmate. BASTARD defined herein: The result of a Congress made up of a majority of bonafide “thieves” that have taken the “Lobby Lobotomy” oath. But just recently an American Patriot finally had his day in court, only to be let down by the justice system and let down by the Tea-Party, the latter being a no show and indicative that this party has lost all credibility its agenda. This “Patriot's” court of law story goes like this. A Mr. Jonathan Frieman has been driving the commuter lanes on California's busy highways for the past decade, trying to get pulled over for a traffic violation, as he is the only individual present in his vehicle traveling along a lane that is reserved for driver & passenger minimum requirements law. Breaking this law designed to smooth move congested traffic can find stiff fines. Now his purpose for intentionally breaking the law has merit. His argument is against the “United States vs. Citizens United”, as it bothers him that the U.S. Supreme Court under the influence of the “Lobby Lobotomy” has ruled that a “corporation is a person” enjoying all the liberties of the 1st Amendment - namely unrestricted political campaign spending. So Mr. Frieman thought that if the “Supreme Court” was correct in their opinion, then he too could enjoy this liberty and preferential treatment provided to “ghosts”, by forming his own corporation and then his passenger, the “corporation” ghost could enjoy the commuter lanes, as his theory fit the present law of record! I would say Mr. Frieman missed his true calling, as a Constitutional law scholar. But unfortunately for Mr. Frieman and unfortunately for “America”, the judge would not touch this predicament with any leniency and ruled against Mr. Frieman through some outlandish ruling, that this was not the intent of the California law, which reads like this: “Person is defined as a natural person or corporation” and stated so in the California road driving manual under commuter lane rules and regulations! Look, the judge was afraid to rule with righteousness, as this is “Big Government” intervention fostered by a “Bigger Secret Government”, that “Lobby Lobotomy Party”. Even though many scorn “Big Government”, it is being used against us by those that want less government interaction – and it works for them through the proverbial Mobius Strip, what goes around comes around. And like everything else, some issues of importance attracts attention, others don't based on a popularity contest gamble. Had the “TRUE” Tea-Party been still excited, they would have helped send this litigation where it is supposed to be, right back in the face of the Supreme Court that made an unprecedented ruling, in favor of “Corporations over People”. Like already mentioned and reiterated, the “TRUE” Tea-Party showed worthiness early on its creation, but due to premature infiltration by Koch suckers looking for a vulnerable base in efforts to shove aside more wealth through corporate loopholes and tax shelters, which seeds more power and an addiction for more control towards their estates and takes away freedom from the “People”, this party has lost all credibility and is on the verge of collapse. Look, if Donald Trump was driving his gas-guzzling limo by himself in one of those reserved commuter lanes, and used the same augment with his cast of expensive attorneys we would probably see a different outcome. But Trump is one who gains through rulings that stymie the “People’s” freedoms. Look, the justice system is as weak as Congress! But we all know the truth of the matter, that “Trump” never learned to drive – how un-American! Maybe that should be the new qualifier for the wealthy – if you don't drive yourself to the market or to work each and every day except weekends, you have lost all negotiable power so surrender your Social Security Card. What you mean most rich people have not this Government ID? True to fact, most wealthy people never signed up as that is against their grain, since they see it as “government welfare” and don't pay into this system to begin with. It is the main reason that there exists members of Congress that are trying to dismantle the S.S. America, so they can give away more of our hard earned wages held still somewhat secrure – but it is just a matter of time before it is given away. Look, Mitt Romney – due the fact he pays ½ in taxable income the rest of us pay and still uses the taxpayer paid for infrastructure – he can give that money away to his kids who will never ever have to work a day in their lives! Not only is the justice system on “Tilt”, so is the tax system, but with a do nothing Congress, the henhouse continues to get raided and “We the People” suffer the consequences. That “Fiscal Clift” thing that Biden dreamed up with Mitch McConnell, it is more like a “Fiscal Gift” for yours truly – that 1%! The more we become a two-party nation, the wealthy and the rest, we will find out more and more of how un-American wealth has become and with that, we begin to see the “why & how” there exists an erosion melt-down like virus upon the very foundation that made this nation once so great a nation. Today, we are heckled and speckled upon by other nations around the globe, as what is going on in America today is NOT the “American” way, but Lucifer’s agenda made possible by a majority of lawmakers camouflaged into tricking us into thinking they represent us, their true identity being “lawbreakers”. I am tired of being Cantorized, that's when Eric “Little Runt” Cantor shoves a hot iron prod up Miss Liberty's butt and laughs as she weeps with pain – as we also feel that pain and shame. Honestly, we should coin a new word that defines “Homegrown Treason”, like “Cantorized” as this guy is as far away a true American as was the outlaw Osama Bin laden. Why? Because Cantor enjoys causing havoc on the “Hill”, and I guess Bob Dylan was right, that the “Sergeant of Arms was blackmailed into leaving his post”, as if that were not the case, when January 3rd came around a few days ago the “Hill” would have been empty - as the lawmaking lawbreakers would have been feasting on a bread and water diet and looking through cold steel bars at the Potomac! Fact of the matter, I went a little disappointed, as they all should have just stayed home, my sentiment along with many more than ever Americans - sorry to say - this nation being better off without them anywhere near the U.S. Treasury. Say you were a CEO and had 534 workers that constantly fort and showed up for work never on time and only half the time? That's what it amounts to and made convincing through the Congressional report card and scorecard – below grade and “ugly”. And “We the People” are that CEO, yet we must have been blinded by the might of the right, and today we suffer. It is not a matter of surrounding ourselves with incompetence, or is it? I didn't vote for Obama, as I decided to take the Willie Nelson approach – that we can't trust any existing party. But I still have hope, that maybe if I embrace the Tea-Party ¼ of the way, the GOP another ¼, the Pelosi regime yet another ¼ and the Bernie Sanders party the remaining ¼ of my allegiance, at least the latter shows hope that the star like spangled banner will still wave, even though weakened, torn and shreaded almost to the point of disgrace, as it only takes a single individual like Bernie to make a difference to what has become a real live “Deliverance”. Yes, individuals can do it, like that statesmen like Mr. Friemen trying to make a difference in a David vs. Goliath arena, and even with such an imbalance of power, nothing stopping his convictions, except an entire posse of misfits that we can no longer trust. Yet, we cannot give up, as there comes before us nobody else to FIX the “Big Wig-Out”. Our nation, only 200-something years young, and it appears we have failed. Maybe we should start over, but since we learn not from our mistakes, maybe we should give it all back to the Native American Indians and brave their culture, their ways and means and realize that there was a right way to live, something they tried to teach us and when they gained our trust, we assasinated thieir culture – just like is happening today upon the middle class by our very own representation!

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