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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Reward the Rapists

As Alaska’s governess, Sarah Palin gave away $500-million to Trans-Canada for nothing in return. That should have been a lessons learned. “Good Riddance” she rode off into the sunset on her broom and quit midstream, which helped us secure our “Constitutional Budget Reserve”, or what was left of it. But her replacement, Sean Parnell, he wants to trump Sarah in the “giveaway” program and welfare roll $billions$ to “Big Oil”, for nothing in return. “Big Oil” is finished in Alaska, the “Golden Goose Days” have come and gone, and from now on end it will be but a tepid demonstration towards oil development. All good things do come to an end eventually, it is not perpetual – the easy pickings oil is done with. Writing on the wall? When the Trans-Alaska-Pipeline was “reconfigured” to handle the existing production and nothing more, that sounded the warning that Alaska has seen its time as “King Patch” with respect to oil exploration and exploitation. The “Strategic Reconfiguration” project extended the TAPS usefulness for another 30-years by taking into account an expert forecast upon “oil production”, which is and will remain ¼ of what it once realized in the heydays. So like it or not this project sets in stone what to expect for the future. It is the bellwether indicator, as “Big Oil” is smart, NOT stupid. On the other hand, Parnell seems to have discovered the dunce cap and is not taking this into account and what it means for the future, even if the “Independents” strike it rich - which doesn’t appear to be the case as the major “Little Guys” are finding more failures then success. Just ask Mr. Pioneer. Parnell’s attempt to lower the tax burden on “Big Oil” is like rewarding the rapists. Now even if Parnell’s plan had merit and lowering the tax burden allowed for a whole bunch of oil to be discovered today, the pipeline which is owned by “Big Oil” is the bottleneck, as many of the stations have been mothballed – for a very clever reason. It would take 5-years to get the TAPS back into shape to handle what it once delivered to Valdez. “Big Oil” plans for the future, and even if they knew Parnell would wimp out and give in on the “Oil Taxation” issues, it’s over with! So the fact that Parnell thinks a tax break is an incentive and what it takes to make Alaska “King Patch” once again, it doesn’t work. Sean, “Big Oil” is finished here in the “Lost Frontier”! In fact, go sit on the shitter and read what Scott Goldsmith said a few days before Parnell delivered his “state of the state”, “Stop spending, SAVE”. And this guy knows what he is talking about! Basically, Parnell wants to make favor with “Big Oil” and that is not becoming a state’s governor, as he is supposed to be “For the People” first. That is not the case today, not what we heard from Parnell’s most recent “state of the state” address to the legislature. Here is my take on what should be done. When Bill Sheffield was indicted by a Grand Jury for “serious abuse of office”, the people of this state stood strong and we wanted  to impeach then governor Bill, as should have been the outcome for such abuse. But even though the “Jury” had the evidence, we were screwed over impeachment attempts by a corrupt legislature, so the people lost out and Bill gained popularity. But the time has come again wherein we must stand together against “pilferage” upon our “reserve”. We must come together once again, and “Impeach” Parnell. Look, we own the resources, which means we own the fruits that commodity bears and if Parnell gets it his way and gives away “$billions$ based on speculative reasons, when the experts are saying just the opposite that makes sence, like “Stop spending and SAVE”, we must take action through a 1st Amendment militia mentality  “Impeachment” attempt.  Call, e-mail or write your representative now informing that “you” plan to join in on any and all petitions that will impeach Parnell. Look, the tax issues are complicated, made so for a reason, to make it look like it will help - it won’t. Estimates of Parnell’s welfare program to “Big Oil” will never ever recoup was he plans to give away, it is that simple. In fact, it is a big gamble and no matter what as has always been the case, “Big Oil” has always held that “ACE in the hole” position, no different today. They have held Parnell hostage, for no other reason than “Greed” and he has fallen for the coup. “IMPEACH PARNELL” petitions will soon be posted throughout Alaska, please do not hesitate to sign on, as we owe it to ourselves to stop this “carriage before the horse” in midstream, before it is too late. Remember, it is your money he is giving away like candy on Halloween!


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