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Monday, January 7, 2013

Alaska Cliff Walk

With a two-party system so far apart and party training still a necessity, it weakens the entire “E Pluribus Unum” mandate as it allows for a weakening of the 1st Amendment Right, as “the whole truth and nothing but the truth” missing in action blinds the right. When everybody on the “Hill” broke out the champagne sweat because a fiscal cliff negotiation was bargained for just before the stroke of midnight sang in the New Year, we had already gone hell and high water over the cliff and what came to be was, well pretty silly legislation. But at least Obama was allowed to fly back to Bowling Green Hawaii, to finish the 18th hole. But we ended up with something, what is still questionable to most Americans. And I am sure that only 1% of Americans took the time out to read through this legislation that will soon become “Public Law”, once it finds Obama's signature of approval. See, it was football day, mind you spending time trying to discipher how we had been Cantorized when tailgating was the important “American” thing to do. But what went on with the maddening crowd, it has not my signature of approval, for many reasons. First off, it is like a Nancy Pelosi “botox” fix, temporarily hiding the true problem at hand – proof being that today before us we have “treason” amongst us, preached and practiced. Could be your neighbor? Yes, this “facial stiff” bill is a mediocre win for the middle class but a super-bowl Sunday win for the wealthy. If you don't believe me, my assessment as to who is in 1st place this pilferage promoting bill, let me try to place it into perspective, at least for Alaska. One of the tax savings that was extended with the “Biden Screwed Us” plan was the “Railroad Track Maintenance Tax Deduction”. Basically, it is a very good way for a business to save on Uncle Sam taxes, especially if a side-line track is required to move freight for a business – off the beaten track sort of “track”. So if I have a mineral mine in the middle of nowhere and rely on that weed over-grown track to transport my goods to market but the main railroad doesn't maintain that track, I can foot the bill and receive a 50% direct corporate tax write-down, so this is a very good rule making decision and I applaud the Senate for making an extension possible, as rail has become a very efficient and environmentally sound ways & means to get bread and beer to my table. But in Alaska, where the rail is still but a feeble resemblance of a professional and realistic rail-line system, this is where the misfit agenda finds corruption this sort of law. Like an attitude that we must take advantage every loophole possible – all at the taxpayers' expense. Alaska has never found the rail to be successful. When it went up for sale away from the Federal Railroad Administration – a condition of the Alaska Statehood Act – there came no interested transportation companies, private that is, because it just couldn't prove itself as a worthwhile business entity with past or future success. The return for the investment said “bankrupt” so the interested buyers ran away. Now in steps the state legislatures, and behind closed doors they form a “Private” enterprise, still belonging to the state, but enjoying all the luxuries any other “corporation” enjoys - namely privacy and secrecy. Now when that occurs, we must realize that corruption will find a back-door and infiltrate righteousness, as even though we citizens of Alaska are responsible for the “ARR”, we have no control. It sucks, and goes against the grain of this state's “Constitution”, but we have come to learn that our legislative branch is stupid when it comes to understanding that stealing is a crime in some states. The reason Alaska enjoys the record for the most political officials facing indictments, trials and possible jail time. Has anybody seen Ben Stevens lately? And with the ARR, as citizens we are all accomplices, so guilty by association makes me not proud. Now the Alaska Railroad has approximately 628-miles of track that can enjoy this Uncle Sam “tax haven” - for the maintenance. But being a “state corporation”, it pays no taxes, so it can't really and honestly utilize this tax write-off afforded all other rail lines similarly situated in the lower-48 and under private ownership. So in steps the Koch Brother's dysentery dynasty - or maybe it is Joe Uselessbelli, the coal magnate - but whomever it is, one private entity operating in Alaska hands over a $5-million dollar check to the Alaska Railroad board of directors, in efforts for the Alaska Railroad to provide track maintenance, for the entire infrastructure of cold steel rail from Seward through Anchorage up into Fairbanks. Now the lawman's formula allows $2.5-million in direct write-off, to compensate for the expenditures for the “assigned” track maintenance. That is the key word herein, as the track must be “assigned” to an entity as to confront double-dipping. Now remember, this is not sideline track, but main track we are talking about here in the “Last Frontier”, the same track that we tell Uncle Sam is for commuter rail service only - so we can receive another $45-million in Federal subsidies – through “fraud”! Remember, this venture once under the dictatorship of Bill Sheffield – until that nosebleed – it cannot survive without a “Big Wild” handout from the U.S. Taxpayers. So whomever takes advantage this $2.5-million in tax relief, well they also receive a bonus award of $2.7M in transport cost offsets coutesy the ARR board of directors. If I were an hourly worker for the railroad, beware as we know how the Koch suckers feel about “Unions”! So someone is paying for the difference, as nothing is for free. Look, the math doesn't work out with the honesty equation which means for “favors” this state is ripping off Uncle Sam and ripping off the state coffers, basically throwing away money – and aiding as an accomplice for “corporate fraud”. This is what happens when Uncle Sam and Congress finds good stuff for America but in the end it runs hard aground into Righteousness Reef. It is not the “Spending” that is out of control as that finds some semblance of a checks & balance, but the giveaway programs that are dissected by corporate board member crooks, because with this form of abuse, everyone just looks the other way – hit me some more! Like we are afraid to confront the cowards that seem to mind not to act in reality as “treasonists” - that is what it amounts too. When Ted was still enjoying the “Hulk” image, he once told me that he has no control over the money “requested” he fights so hard for once it gets to Alaska – if it is abused outside its intended criteria, it is NOT his problem to contend with. Like he believed that “honesty” is a self-governing attribute and it should be! Now the entire “TRACK Maintenance” tax forgiveness amounts to about a meager $300-million lose to the U.S. Treasury, a pimple on a gnat's ass on a Chris Christie sized ass, so it is meager in the “Big Picture” show. But a penny saved is a penny earned, and this is how we have to begin looking at things - from the penny perspective. We must start to infiltrate the crookedness which accounts for the waste, and today more then ever before we must get a grip on those that think it is OK to rip off “OUR” government for their own bottom-line. Using the ARR once again as an example, half of the operating budget comes form Uncle Sam, wherein someone in the upper echelon has committed “fraud” in efforts to fool Uncle Sam and at the same time we find abuse in the “taxation” arena. And they can still salute the Red, White and Blue? Now money is indeed the root of all evil as this “fraud” money and the money from the KOCH suckers, it is used to bailout very high executive salaries, basically it pays for individuals to perform crookedness like behavior, so they can pump up their own bottom-line – all said again at the U.S. Taxpayers' expense. If government fraud was eliminated, if we listened to what John F. Kennedy preached “ask not...and ask what” then we would see NO deficit and our taxable income would be cut in half, over-night! Yes, we do indeed need a vigilante to shake up this sort of behavior. It is “Treason” in its simplest form, and works away at the very foundation this country was founded upon – trust. It is that simple and I hope this simple case gets the point across. If it doesn't, then please pack your bags and jump that cliff as you have been duped into believing that CEO is credible as he smiles all the way to that “golden parachute” retirement on “YOUR” buck. Just think how hard you worked for that money, that was taken away and then thrown away. Pathetic? NO more like Treason is alive and well here, there and everywhere, especially in those gated communities with hardly any American made cars! Hire Hitler....

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