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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

From Russia with....

In 1927, Fred Christ Trump was arrested for participating in a “mob” disturbance at a Memorial Day Parade in the Bronx. The patriarch of the Trump Tower Dysentery Green Stool Dynasty had ganged up with KKK and Fascists sympathizers then started harassing the American soldiers in formation to celebrate the day that is dedicated to remembering the troops. So this “mob” mentality was an insult of defecation on the men and women soldiers in service fighting for freedom’s sake.  And how would that wannabee “mob” mentality go over today? Maybe it is due, a re-enactment of that May day some 90-years gone bye, as today’s military might has been infiltrated by “Traitors”. OK, it is not a systemic problem, but like anything else if over time things are not “fixed” then local management looses control and it can become destructive. A weak link can topple a bridge, ask London! Here is what I am trying to get “point-blank” across. A Russian couple that didn’t see eye-to-eye with Vladismear Vladimirobitch Putin finds a ways and means to get a working visa in “This land is your land, this land is my land, from California to the New York Island”. It was easy as American pie for this couple, as both were highly educated in physics, both husband and wife boasting a PHD degree. So “Welcome Aboard from Abroad” and the green card carpet awaited their arrival, in tow the Russian brat kids. Nothing wrong with this picture, yet that is. Hey, this is the American Dream come true. Now it takes time once here to gain that citizenship. One must mind thy “p’s & q’s” and prove that they can give up their “Homeland” of origin to gain favor under Miss Liberty’s umbrella coverage. So far all is going well, and sonny boy Russian brat becomes of age, and realizes that he can join the USMC and then have a gun. He can then get free education and when honorably discharged, apply for citizenship with ease through George W. Bush’s “Accelerated Path to Citizenship” - it shaves off 5-years the normal process. And why not carry along mom and dad for the ride, that “chain migration” carrot top - what a joke! Said again, there is nothing wrong with this picture…yes there is beyond the joker wild stage. Why a United States Congress allowed this nation’s sovereignty to be raided by non-citizens is beyond Constitutional. If the troop count went low-balled following the Vietnam War into the Iraq standoff, start up the damn “draft” as that is Constitutional. But to allow non-citizens to join the ranks of the military as a ways and means to get rich quick…I became the victim of this abuse - and in my book one bad apple spoils it all. I am glad that Barack Obama put a STOP to this MAVNI foreigner recruitment program madness, the “Military Accessions Vital to National Interest” as somebody high up in the executive branch of government saw a problem! This program allowed upwards 8000 foreigners to enlist and guaranteed an accelerated citizenship along with a family “chain migration” affair, there is a multiplier with this scenario. Now I am going out on the limb, as I have lost all respect for the troops of today. Either we are not background checking these kids or we have made it too damn easy becoming an American by virtue of military service dedication. In my situation, it follows that “one bad apple” we learned it all in kindergarten - a rotten apple spoils the wine! Anyway, a Russian punk kid that came over to the states through Ellis Island as mommy & daddy’s little boy went through boot camp and became a citizen and then he became my boss. See, a fringe benefit the fact the Northern-California company I worked for honored ex-Russians turned American. I have been an American citizen for 64-years, this punk and his entire “Americanized” family cannot beat that rap, even with time-in-country combined. I have said the “Pledge of Allegiance”…they will never catch up! And Uncle Sam paid for this wannabee Marine’s “Master’s Degree” in “American Hoodwanking”. And right off the bat as my first-line supervisor this Russian kid - that didn’t have a clue what solar energy was all about in Northern California - I could sense distrust. This kid was named Pavel Vladimirobitch Molotov, it stunk of Putin Russian puss puke. I was older and been there done that and there was something in my American roots that found suspicion with this Russian punk. When he asked me to take down my desk top American flag on Russian Day in June, I knew something was up with this punk’s dedication to “My Country ‘Tis of Thee”, and when he laughed at Woody Guthrie? Soon, he had somehow convinced the company owners to “fire me”, and in California the “At Will” doctrine sucks. What really happened is the fact that this “Treasonous Turncoat” allowed another employee to throw an electrical switch that almost killed another worker - and when I went vocal about it, attacking this kid totally unaware what in hell he was doing, I lost the battle. This Putin puppet Pavel Vladimirobitch won out. I am an American, and even though not in uniform, the American Red, White & Blue is that forever “uniform” and fits me well - so I declared WAR! This was my very own WAR against the Russians! Soon, this Russian piece of Putin “scat” that hides behind the badge of the USMC had written nasty letters about me, that he felt I was a threat and the company was able to get a restraining order against me - which will ruin my work career forever. And this scary-cat has the audacity to say he was a Marine? What in hell is Colonel Jessep and his "Code Red" brigade generating out of Camp Legeune? Sure in hell don’t seem to be the worrier kind. So, for NO reason whatsoever except being a “True American”, I lost my job and lost my 2nd Amendment Right as a side effect of the court order - to a punk Russian named Pavel - a piss-ant that will milk the military awards system forever. And with that honor in reality a “dishonor”, well his parents will see a better American future then this natural born citizen. If this is “Democracy”…it isn’t as our nation is under attack - the hen house has been robbed, the gatekeeper raped and I smell the filth of a Russian. But I will continue to honor my WWII dad and the kids now grown that tested the trenches in Vietnam, but after that “Fuck your Semper Fidelis” Memorial Day because “You Can’t Stand the Truth” that there is NO honor, there is NO courage and what remains this "Always Faithful" motto is a commitment to attack an American citizen, that in my Constitution is "Treason"! Maybe it is time to bring back the gallows, as being "faithful" to Putin...did not I already mention Treason as the reason!

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